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thankful thursday

Thursday, June 12th, 2008



  • I have so… much work to do today. I have about 50 CADS that are being requested asap meaning NOW! I worked until bedtime last night and again this morning until time to feed Isabelle her breakfast. I’m taking a minute to post and then back to work for the day. I’m thankful to have the work to do and the quiet house today to get it done.
  • The kids (Bailey & Emelia) are still at camp. I haven’t heard a word from them, which usually means it’s going well. No news is good news. Thursday is historically cry day at camp so I wouldn’t be surprised to receive a call or text sometime today. I’m hoping they are having a wonderful time and thankful that they are able to go to camp!
  • Amanda is at work all day today. She’ll be gone until after dinner. I’m so thankful this job came along, she loves it. It is so much more fun to her than a job at a fast food place or clothing store.
  • It’s Father’s Day this weekend. I’m sure thankful for my daddy. He’s the BEST!

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