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Thirteen random things…

  1. I have done several posts tonight for pay.  I had a list of posts to complete and wanted to get them all done.  Sorry in advance.
  2. Emelia slammed her finger in the door this morning while leaving for swimming classes.  She was hysterical.  I know it hurt really bad, but she screamed so loud I really thought she had cut off a limb or something.
  3. Amanda loves her new (not so much anymore) job!  She enjoys going and it’s pretty close to home.  I’m thankful for that job for her!
  4. I’ve been enjoying the pool this year!  I think I’ve been swimming every day for the past several days.  I am a little sunburned.  We have been taking Izzy swimming in the evenings and she likes it too.
  5. We didn’t go to church Wednesday night.  The preacher stopped by at 9:50 p.m. to check on us!  Matt was already asleep.  That is the main reason we didn’t go, he was really tired.
  6. Bailey & Emelia are leaving for church camp Sunday morning.  I need to start shopping for things like bug spray and flashlights… you know, fun stuff!
  7. Emelia has won the Christlike award at basketball camp every day this week.
  8. Izzy’s hair is so long, I was brushing it after her bath and it’s crazy long and so beautiful.
  9. I’ve been doing cad’s again this week.  I have so many to do I should be doing them now instead of typing this silly post!… but my brain needed a break.
  10. Emelia wanted (and got) lunchables to take to eat between swimming and basketball camps this week.  She insists on unpacking the box and putting all the parts into a lunch box!  That’s the whole reason you pay $3.50 for a little box of food, because it is self contained.  Oh well.
  11. Amanda has been working on her room.  She had the walls (and ceiling) covered in pictures and posters.  She took down all the posters and stuff and has touched up her walls.  She has been going through all her clothes.  I bought ten boxes yesterday for her to pack away winter clothes.  Her room is really looking better.
  12. I’m hoping to do a complete clean out in Emelia’s room and paint it pink with pretty silver flour de lis on the walls (or something along that line).
  13. My mother’s birthday is Sunday.  I need to think of something to get for her. Quick!  Matt’s is Tuesday.  Then father’s day.  Then our 19th anniversary.  All in the next week or two.

Horaayy..there are 6 comment(s) for me so far ;)


My kids used to love lunchables–we’d get them when we’d go on trips. They really are convenient.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the pool.

What are cad’s???

That’s a lot of celebrations for the next couple of weeks. I’m sure you’ll come up with great ideas.

yvonne’s last blog post..Family Fun

yvonne wrote on June 5, 2008 - 5:09 am

Hello friend, just stopping in to say hi

Monkey Giggles’s last blog post..Summer Backyard Games

Monkey Giggles wrote on June 5, 2008 - 7:33 am

You are just as busy as I am this month with b-days and anniversaries . Have a great Thursday Annie!

Jodi’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen ~ Books

Jodi wrote on June 5, 2008 - 7:40 am

So many beautiful birthdays and dates to look forward to! I wish you will enjoy them all!

Irene’s last blog post..Words to live by

Irene wrote on June 5, 2008 - 12:04 pm

You are a busy lady!! Emelia’s room sounds like it will be lovely and very classy!
Happy Birthdays to your Mom and Matt and Happy Anniversary to you and Matt!

sheryl’s last blog post..~* What I Did Today…*~

sheryl wrote on June 5, 2008 - 9:51 pm

Wow! Your June sounds like our May! Enjoy all the special days! I loved reading this post! 🙂

Nancy Face’s last blog post..Never invite Nancy Face to a buffet…

Nancy Face wrote on June 6, 2008 - 8:15 am
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