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What are some lies out in the world (secular views) today about women that contradict what God says in His word about how women should be/act? Diving a little deeper…What are some lies that are still out there in our Christian circles about women? (Feel free to talk from a single woman’s point of view or a married woman’s point of view)This is a really great question! The first thought that pops into my mind is the idea that we should look out for number one. Number one is not me. Number one is God. So many things follow that idea and dictate how we live. It is really hard to live in this world and not be of the world. The importance of clothes, designer purses, shoes, homes, furniture, cars, blah blah blah. We put so much emphasis on the way we look and how people perceive us, when in the big scheme of things and the way God intended they simply don’t matter. I will confess I get pulled into this catch too. I use shopping sometimes as a type of therapy. I get happy when I buy things. It’s wrong. And bad. (p.s. Sorry God.)There are so many other lies that contradict God’s word.

I’ve made it a goal today to weed the back flower bed and have decided to put on my suit and weed until I’m too hot and then swim a minute and weed some more… so I’ll ponder this question while I’m sweating glowing!

Oh btw… the interview was fine. I was pretty nervous, and even more nervous when it was time for the news to come on. They did a good job editing me and I overall liked the information given and although it sorta made me cringe to hear my own voice, it made me feel good to put the new out there. And… Matt didn’t make fun of me (he mentioned that I look pale, but then I think my lack of sun has kept me younger looking) and my daddy called and said, “I’m sure proud of you, I may not tell you that often, but I am.” Sweet huh?


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  1. Betty says:

    Annie, so happy you have become a spokesman to warn those in charge of young children the dangers of toddlers and older children around water hazards. Like you said, if it alerts even one person to protect children around the water, that will be a good outcome.

    Your Mom and Dad are proud of you EVERY day – not just your TV days.

    I wish I’d seen your spot on TV so I could tell others to watch that segment to inform them of pool safety. I don’t know which channel you were on. I searched and couldn’t find it.


    BTW: I like your new music!

  2. toknowhim says:

    Great answers on your blog and the comment you left on my blog (never apologize about long comments…I love them). I am so glad that I discovered your bloggy… You have a good perspective on today’s question 🙂

  3. Great answer to the Cafe Chat question. I agree with you! As for your interview, I am glad it went well. I too think I stay looking a bit younger because I have never been one to get much sun. Your dad calling you was very sweet. 🙂

    Dawn’s Daily Life’s last blog post..What Is That I Hear?

  4. Tori :) says:

    I’m sure your interview was great. I think that’s wonderful that you are so willing to help others by sharing your experience.

    Tori :)’s last blog post..My big boy

  5. sheryl says:

    Awww…your dad is a real sweetie!! Every kid should have the pleasure of hearing that kind of praise!
    Glad the interview went well.

  6. Twinkle Mom says:

    Great answer to this week’s post and so true, we tend to look out for ourselves so much, we forget about everyone else.

    Twinkle Mom’s last blog post..Sunday Praise and Worship

  7. What a great post, Annie!!! I’m so proud of you being used on the TV news. We need to be open to all those opportunities that God places in front of us and I know you do!!! You go girl!!! As you say, if God uses you to save one childs life…..just think of that!!!!

    Susan – Penless Writ’s last blog post..STICKY NOTE

  8. Lily says:

    This is very true. I’ve heard it from both believers and non-believers. Number 1 should be God. I think it all goes back to insecurity. If our security is in Christ, we know er don’t have to “look out for # 1.” We know, ultimately, He will take care of us and supply all our needs.

    Lily’s last blog post..Light

  9. Gail says:

    I’m glad you did well in your interview! Do you have it posted on here somewhere?
    Aww, very sweet of your dad!

  10. Nancy Face says:

    I’m so happy that your interview went well, and that Matt didn’t tease you, and especially about the very sweet phone call from your daddy! 🙂

    Nancy Face’s last blog post..Happy Anniversary to Ty and Sierra!

  11. oh amanda says:

    Good thoughts. #1 is not us, it’s God. I’m just repeating it to remember!

    oh amanda’s last blog post..Box o’ Cupcakes

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