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“What is the greatest lesson you learned from your mother or a mom like figure in your life?”

The greatest lesson… there have been many so choosing the greatest is a little difficult. I remember early lessons included talking softly because sweet little girls don’t talk loud. I attribute my soft almost childlike voice to that lesson. I learned never to sit directly on a public toilet. You either squat or use tons of paper if a seat protector is not available. I remember going into the stall and hearing mom say over the wall, “don’t sit on that toilet!” I didn’t. Much.

I was taught the lesson to always be thankful for what I was given. This lesson was harder sometimes than others. I will never forget pleading to open only one Christmas present early. I only had three. She wanted me to wait so I would have all three to open. I begged to open the smallest. She finally let me. It was batteries. She later said she wrapped them so I would have another present to open. Then there were the odd bug shaped earrings from an aunt one year. I was thankful for those earrings. I even wore them. Once.

I learned to attend church and to try to follow in the footsteps of Christ, to do the right thing. This meant being good, honest, pure, kind, generous, wholesome, sweet… I was taught that these good attributes were more important than physical beauty.

These lessons were all good and valuable. I am very glad to have received them, but I think the greatest lesson came later watching how my mother dealt with people who had hurt her. I learned that her love is never ending and unconditional. It made me see God in a new and different way. So, the greatest lesson I learned from my mother is LOVE.


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  1. Denise says:

    This was a very nice post, bless you.

    Denise’s last blog post..Cafe Chat

  2. Betty says:

    Your Mom would be a great teacher of the lesson called LOVE.

    I hope both of you have a great day today!


  3. Julie Todd says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your mom. What greater gift can a mom give her daughter but love?

    Beautiful tribute!

    Julie Todd’s last blog post..The Heart of a Mother

  4. Nancy Face says:

    This was so beautiful, Annie! 🙂

    Nancy Face’s last blog post..Happy Burp-day Zach Face!

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