my long awaited menu…

Monday (that’s today!)

I made a pot of spaghetti… some whole wheat rolls… green beans… and a veggie tray



Did you know subs are $5 for a footlong through the end of April?


Ham (that I never cooked Sunday because we went to mom’s) and scalloped potatoes…


leftover ham…


Small red beans with leftover ham and cornbread

Whew… I feel better now that a plan is in place. Happy Monday.

If you want to see more (a lot more!) menu plans, visit org. junkie.


9 Responses to “my long awaited menu…”

  1. yvonne says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a great week planned.

    yvonne’s last blog post..A Very Special Easter

  2. Your menu looks a lot like mine. HAM…HAM…and HAM

    MONKEY GIGGLES’s last blog post..Monday Market

  3. Dawn says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on Subway!!

    Dawn’s last blog post..Spring Has Sprung Giveaway!!

  4. Natalie says:

    I think Subway will be on my menu plan this week. Thanks for posting about that!

    Natalie’s last blog post..a dinosaur and a tree

  5. Nancy Face says:

    My oldest son Ty LOVES ham! We had turkey for Easter, but I bought a ham and put it in the freezer, just ’cause they were on sale! 🙂

  6. Jodi says:

    $5 for subs… hmmm gonna have to take advantage of this. Your menu sounds yummy!

    Jodi’s last blog post..Ugh!!

  7. Stacy says:

    Sounds like a good week! I wish I had been able to have a ham and then the leftovers, but we went to a family get-together on Easter, so I didn’t even buy a ham. Boo-hoo, love the leftover hams in other dishes 🙂

    I didn’t know that about Subway – is it every day or just on Tuesdays? Thanks for the info 🙂

    Have a great week, Annie!

    Stacy’s last blog post..Pooped!

  8. Sonya says:

    Oh, I know all about Subway. A 6-inch sweet onion chicken teriyaki is only 7 points! That’s what I’m having tonight! Our local Subway has been running a special on Tuesday nights in March…..two 6-inch subs for $4 (any sub except double meat)!! We’ve been eating there every Tuesday night! As for the new $5 special, our Subway is advertising that price everyday. So, I assume you can get them like that everyday through April….at least I hope so!

    Sonya’s last blog post..Time Travel Tuesday ~ To Grandmother’s House We Go

  9. oh amanda says:

    Ham & leftover ham. That’s all I’ve had all week. YUM.

    oh amanda’s last blog post..Jesus and Pumpkins

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