time travel tuesday ~ smells?


A couple of weeks ago I actually forgot to do a time travel for Tuesday… I mentioned that I would be open to suggestions…

So, today we are going to take one of those suggestions.

Jenny said,

” A smell that brings you back? (I know that when I put on Jergens’ lotion I am brought back to a little girl watching my mom put lotion on her hands)”

Thanks for the suggestion Jenny!

So how about it? Any smells that take you back to a different time and place?


My first smell is l’air de temps perfume!

My mother used to wear this all the time before she developed allergies that made her have a headache when she wears any fragrance (or really when anyone around her wears perfume… including me.. who forgets… then she has a headache… oops!) I digress. Anyway, I remember sitting by her and smelling that smell. It’s a good memory!


Another smell is Grey Flannel cologne!


(I’m not remembering perfume on purpose, it’s just they are easiest to identify. There are the smells you smell walking into school halls that take you back to fifth grade, or the smell of the soap in a bathroom that reminds you of junior high. The smell of chlorine takes me back to childhood vacations and hotels…)

The grey flannel smell memory isn’t great.

Matt had a ferret when we were dating and he was living in a dorm room in college.

He would bathe and then spray the grey flannel on this ferret! ICK.

Wet ferret and grey flannel = yuck.


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17 Responses to “time travel tuesday ~ smells?”

  1. Klin says:

    Homemade bread. Takes me back to childhood and mom baking homemade bread. Mmmmmmm.

    Klin’s last blog post..It’s No Big Deal Really. . .

  2. Nancy Face says:

    That is just so hilarious…Matt spraying his wet ferret with Grey Flannel! Hahaha! 😀

    Nancy Face’s last blog post..It’s been WAY too quiet around here…

  3. Jodi says:

    That’s funny he would spray his ferret! This was a fun week!! Have a blessed Tuesday!

    Jodi’s last blog post..Time Travel Tuesday ~ smells

  4. yvonne says:

    I used to love l’air de temps perfume. There are so many people with allergies to perfumes anymore, so I rarely wear it.

    Love the story of Matt and his wet ferret.

    yvonne’s last blog post..March Madness

  5. Barbara H. says:

    That’s funny about the ferret!! I have the same problem with perfumes causing headaches now, but there were a couple I used to love.

    Barbara H.’s last blog post..Is reverence a lost commodity?

  6. Tori :) says:

    The ferret story made me LOL!!!
    A flower shop (or the strong smell of flowers) makes me think of when my sister died. Sooooo many people sent flowers so the church smelt like them. Her grave.. My parents house… I couldn’t get away from it. Sad, I know.

    Tori :)’s last blog post..Random Monday on Tuesday

  7. KC says:

    OH MY GOODNESS, LOL Matt and the ferret.. LOL oh my..
    great time travel.. Mine is up and posted now. stop by to travel with me.. also I have a movie meme going on.. there are still a few quotes from some movies that need someone to guess them right.. If you want to play along that is up also.

    KC’s last blog post..Time Travel Tuesday(smells)

  8. thanks for the good laugh about the Ferret;)

    palmtreefanatic’s last blog post..Tackle It Tuesday

  9. Whitney says:

    Yum, nothing better than how a Ferret smells!!! 🙂 For some reason, one that just came to mind is cigarette smoke (? I know, weird huh?) because it reminds me of Las Vegas, and I love vacationing in LV :D.

    Whitney’s last blog post..Interesting Things That I Would Like to Have, But Will Probably Never Actually Buy

  10. Jill says:

    My mom wore that perfume, too and then switched to Clinique Aeromatics Elixr when I was in college.

    Jill’s last blog post..Pass the Popcorn and Milk Duds

  11. Loving Annie says:

    Good Tuesday afternoon to you, Annie !

    My favorite smells include Paul Sebastian cologne for men. A firefighter wore it when I was 24, and even 26 years later, the smell makes me want to wrap my arms around whoever is wearing it…
    I also love bthe smell of apple pie in the oven, cinnamon sticks and orange peel simmering on the stove at the holidays…

    Loving Annie’s last blog post..The Latest

  12. Sheryl says:

    That is so funny about the cologned ferret! Isn’t it funny how sights, sounds, places, certain songs…I guess so many things really, trigger specific memories?
    Fun TTT!

  13. Sheryl says:

    This TTT made me think of two possibilities for future TTT – memories of our grandparents homes (several people mentioned scents that take them back to their grandparents homes) and our first bottle of perfume.

  14. That grey flannel/ferret smell is hilarious!!!!!!!!! I think I died with laughter. Ok, I am alive again.

    Busy Bee Lauren’s last blog post..Mexico Trip Sneak Peek!

  15. I posted a Time Travel 🙂

    Busy Bee Lauren’s last blog post..Mexico Trip Sneak Peek!

  16. Nancy Face says:

    I was working on my Time Travel post this morning, then Lauren got in her accident, and I sort of lost my enthusiasm. 🙁

    It was going to be about turkeys in the oven, Charlie cologne in junior high, orange blossoms in the back yard, and one of my all time favorite scents…Vicks Vaporub! Maybe I’ll still have to blog about Vicks sometime, haha! 😀

    Nancy Face’s last blog post..FLUSH!

  17. oh amanda says:

    I love this one! There’s too many to think of!

    oh amanda’s last blog post..Springy Eastery Type Party!

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