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it’s thursday!

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Brrrrr… it’s cold outside!  Me & Izzy are snuggled in today.  We decided to just stay in all day.  Isabelle decided to wake up about 1 a.m.  She wasn’t unhappy, just awake.  I brought her in the den about 2 a.m. because Matt has a power review which will equal a late night working tonight so I wanted him to sleep… We were up until a little after 4!  We were able to sleep until about 7 before starting the day so it’s a sleepy day!

My friend Melody came for her hair do day!  I was amazed at how quickly we got it done and how good it looked.  I know it sounds funny but I’m always amazed when she leaves and her hair looks so good!  I should have taken a picture, but I wasn’t thinking!  I had a lean cuisine and a salad for lunch… nothing exciting there!

Later my brother mike showed up for a haircut and I highlighted his hair too.  He has been wanting a trim for a few days but has had that flu going around so he knew better than to come by my “no germ zone” house! 🙂  He is better now, but a little down.  Things aren’t going great for him right now.  He’s been sick, his family has been sick.  His FIL has just had a second run with cancer and is back in the hospital with low sats.  While the FIL was in icu unresponsive, the MIL fell and fractured her hip.  It is just a lot at once and he is tired.

I wanted to clean out my closet today. .. like a brutal get rid of everything radical cleaning!  It’s full of stuff I just don’t wear.  It’s hard to get rid of things because I’m like a kid cleaning out their toys… I see things I have forgotten and think I’ll wear them… I don’t.  SO, maybe with Matt working late I’ll get it worked on huh?  I ordered some new things so that is always inspiration to me to get rid of the old.  I got two pairs of jeans that are ultra tall.  They are long enough to wear with these shoes!  

I also ordered a new coat.  The lining in mine is getting messed up and I have had it forever! so I got a tall one on sale since the winter season is coming to an end… and some new shirts and some hoodies from Hollister for casual days…

It’s slow cooker Thursday, I’m sorry Sandra… I just don’t have anything new to post today!  I’ll work on something for next week. . .  It is also thankful Thursday and i am thankful to be home and out of the cold!  and it’s 13 thursday too… there are so many lists of 13 i could do right now but I won’t bore you 😉

happy thursday ya’ll.