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Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

F L O went great last night! I would say it was a success. We had a yummy meal (chicken enchiladas and all the extras) courtesy of Ronna and Marsha’s cooking skills! They did a great job. Pat gave a message about the curse of women. It was very interesting and funny too. I did the announcements and didn’t pass out or anything 🙂 I was pretty nervous, I’m not sure if it showed or not. Everyone loved the magnets I made so all in all it was good. I took Emelia’s friend from school’s mother. I think she enjoyed it and it was nice to get to know her a little better. It was just another confirmation that we are in the right place. I love those ladies, they are a blast!

I also got to catch up with Julie on the phone this morning. She has seven kiddos and they have been passing a bug around for a while. She is sick of being sick. If you have a minute, say a little prayer for her!

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail! My dear Greek friend, Irene, mailed me a magazine, some gum and sesame sticks. Thank you Irene! I love it all!

What else… what else… OH! I’ve been giving Izzy Ambien since Saturday. I don’t know if you have heard, but they use it on brain injured patients and it helps with alertness? It is interesting! Anyway, we’re going to keep trying it for a while to see what happens. She is healthy & happy… still enjoying school. She worked hard with Camilla yesterday. She stays late on Tuesdays to work with Camilla (pt) and I walked in to find her on the floor with three therapists! She doesn’t lack attention, that’s for sure! She’s a little irritable with the ambien right now, but she still has been doing well at school.

I’m supposed to have lunch with Miki today. She is the youth pastor at our church. We have been doing lunch on Tuesdays most weeks but bumped it to Wednesday. I’m not sure where we are going yet…

Guess what’s coming to OKC in March???

I’m so excited! We are going the fifteenth. We have two season tickets to the theatre, but we’re trying to get extras so all the girls can go too! Also Gypsy is coming after that (and High School musical)! So much fun! Can’t wait!

Tomorrow Melody is coming over to get her highlights/trim! I haven’t seen her in a few weeks so it will be fun to visit.

That’s all I can come up with today. Hope your Wednesday is a fun one!