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Wednesday, February 13th, 2008


Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

When we were in Orlando, Florida, we had each day planned out. Actually a week wasn’t long enough to see everything we wanted to see and do everything we wanted to do, but we planned a schedule that packed in as much as possible. We should have signed up for sightseeing tours. On Thursday we had planned to spent the first half of the day at Epcot. I noticed pretty quickly that around noon it would rain and then usually stop pretty quickly. We headed to Epcot and it was sprinkling rain, but we assumed it would stop by the time we arrived. We were wrong. If you have been to any of the Disney parks you know that it is a pretty good hike to get to the front gates from the parking lot. Even if you are parking in special parking it is still so far. I don’t mind walking, unless it comes a torrential downpour like it did that day. We were literally drenched. I mean soaked to the bone! Poor Izzy, I tried to keep my umbrella directly over her but the wind blew rain all over her. It wasn’t cold, but wet! We got to the front gates and paid a ridiculous amount of money for rain parkas and then magically the ran stopped! We spent our time at Epcot feeling a little miserable, being wet isn’t much fun. We always tried to enjoy our time regardless of problems and this day was no exception, but I would have preferred a dry day! I wish we had signed up for Orlando Tours!

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