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time travel Tuesday ~ answered prayer edition!

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Today we are traveling back to a time that a prayer was answered. I have had so many prayers answered and usually in a way that is totally unpredictable and not exactly how I imagined, but BETTER! So, let’s pick one and travel back to that prayer and tell about how God worked it out or answered it for you.

Like I mentioned, I have had so many answered prayers from little to huge… but the first one that came to mind is going to be the one I am writing about this time. I was pregnant with Emelia and Matt had been working as a computer engineer at the same company for about 12 years. His company decided to relocate. To Mexico. We already had Amanda and Bailey. I remember the day he came home and told me that he was being laid off. I was a little numb. I thought about the cost of giving birth. I thought about the lack of insurance. It was a little scary. I remember completely giving it to God, and letting it go. Not worrying. Not even a little. The job hung by a thread until after Emelia’s birth. He watched his friends get papers one by one. Finally his came. He found a job, making more money than his last job … and started it the Monday after his last Friday with the prior company. Not even one day off. Not only did he get more money with the new job, he got a big severance package! It was such a God thing at the time I just knew God had worked all the details out really perfectly. I think it is important when you are believing for God’s intervention in your life to look back at the times God came through for you. He always comes through. That reassurance helps build faith. Think about David. He knew he had slain the animals with God’s help and power so he knew that he would defeat the Giant. Regardless of the enormous size, he knew he would be successful.

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izea ranks

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Recently a new tool/website has been launched that ranks bloggers based on the actual amount of visitors to the blog and influence or links from the blog or to the blog. is the name of the new ranking system, all you have to do is go and sign up for it. You can enter your site url and it will show you the ranking associated with the site immediately. You can compare it to another site if you have more than one or to any other site. IzeaRanks uses javascript to collect and report Blog Ranks that are based on your actual traffic. You can choose whether or not you want to display the pageviews and visitors on your site or just your realrank. They are also giving away $1000 each week in Jan to the blog with the #1 realrank (see the site for official rules). For those of us who have had our google page ranks stripped to zero because of PPP coding, this code is not the same type code and you don’t have to worry about Google dropping your scores if you put the code on your site. It is a really easy to use site and very user friendly. The charts are easy to read and interpret.
Check it out!