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monday …

Monday, February 4th, 2008

I’m on a salad kick… big time!  I have been making the most delicious salads every night and most nights I have skipped our main course and just had more salad…  I found that I love butter lettuce, ever heard of it?  So I start with butter lettuce, some romaine, baby spinach. Then add baby carrots (I chop them in thirds) and real bacon bits (just 1 teaspoon) and sunflower seeds (1 teaspoon per salad serving) and then I put cherry tomatoes on everyone else’s salads… I hate raw tomatoes (it’s a fruit you know?)… then I put a tablespoon of light ranch dressing (honey mustard on matt’s) and toss it… add 5 (one serving) croutons to the top and salt and pepper!  YUM!  I love it!  I have never been much of a salad lover so this is great for me.  It is 4 points counting all the dressing and extra toppings.   So I stocked up on all that stuff today at the store.

We had a superbowl potluck at church tonight and I made this and this.    001.JPG

Here’s a picture of my bacon wrap thingies.  They were pretty tasty… but definitely not on the ww plan!

I took a picture of the light fixture Matt installed (with my help :).006.JPG

And… here is a picture of Toto.  Yep, that’s his name… Toto.  We were all calling him different names (I’m not kidding!) and Bailey was talking to me and I jokingly said, “I’ll get you and your little dog too.” and Matt said, “toto.” and Bailey said, “that’s a good name.” …. so it was set, everyone agreed.   He kinda looks like a toto.  I snapped this pic a minute ago he is snuggled up with Bailey.  010.JPG

and here is his new little cage/fence… 007.JPG

Last, but not least… here is the logo I gave to Pat today for the new women’s ministry.  Matt still didn’t like it, but it will work good for printing etc.  Simple, but cute.  I stuck with the butterfly rather than flower because I like the idea a butterfly represents… flo2.gif
What do you think?

I thought I had taken a picture of the front door, but I guess not so I’ll save it for another day.  BUT, here is a shot of Izzy in her jammies with mojo (mom and dad’s dog).  011.JPG

My menu for this week…


bbq chicken, baked potatoes, salad


ham & provolone cheese melts & salad


taquitos & beans… salad


Steak & salad


Guests … probably pizza and you guessed it… salad!

Have a great Monday!!!

grains of gratitude (my 2nd)

Monday, February 4th, 2008



So much to be thankful for…


I’m thankful for another week God has carried me through.

Thank you God.


I’m thankful for the things accomplished this weekend … like new front storm door installed, and new light fixture installed as well. I’m thankful for my dad who helped and for my brothers, Jody & Mike, who helped too!

Thank you God.


I’m thankful for our church that we have been led to, and for the open doors for me to actually be involved! We’re technically not even members yet and we really feel like we belong!

Thank you God.


I’m thankful for answered prayers… I have prayed for the kid’s to find nice Christian friends and future spouses and Amanda is dating a really nice Christian boy. I’m thankful for the light he shines in her life.

Thank you God.


I’m thankful for my marriage.

Thank you God.


I’m thankful for my friends.

Thank you God.


I’m thankful for you!

Thank you God.