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Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

What a day… busy busy!  It started with a call from a business about three blocks from our home saying our dogs (2 large outdoor) were there!  Apparently when the wind was gusting the other day it blew a small storage building on top of a fence in the back of the yard and the dogs figured it out this morning.  Welcome to O K L A H O M A… where the wind comes sweeping down the plains…  Matt was off today so he got it all fixed.  While at the fence supplier I got a fence/yard for the new little dog and then a little dog house.  So, then I ran to pick up a new chain saw blade for Matt.  Today is Jana’s (Matt’s cousin and now my friend) 40th birthday.  I went to her house in Yukon because she just recently had it majorly remodeled! It is really really beautiful.  We went to Johnny Carinos for lunch.  It was my first time to eat there and I liked it a lot.  I got her a fleur de leis (sp?) wall hanging and candle holder.  She is really picky and has her own taste  so I was relieved that she loved it.  I stopped at Lowe’s on the way home for a new front storm/screen door.  Ours has been abused by the wind so it had to be replaced.  I also got a new light fixture for above the dining room table.  After tromping around all day in my high heel boots I’m just too tired to walk over there and take a picture.  I’ll try to post some in the next few days though.   So, I’m home… we installed the light and being gone for most of the day has cause havoc in my house! So tomorrow will be a major clean day!  I also moved furniture in the den yesterday which took all my “free time”… It’s much better and now the treadmill has a place to call it’s own.

On another note, I got a call yesterday from our church asking me to be involved in the new ladies group.  I have been asked to design a blog and logo for the group and also to do announcements etc. at the events.  I am excited to get involved again.  It’s been a while… at our old church I felt very involved so it will be fun to do it again!  I haven’t found the right logo yet.  I was thinking a flower with the initials of the group inside and then the name below but everything I make up Matt hates.  I am not sure why but it’s starting to frustrate me.  I moved to a butterfly and he didn’t like it either.  I guess I’ll get it…. I hope :).  Usually things just work out right away so it’s a little odd that it hasn’t yet.  I am trying to be patient though.

I guess that’s enough for tonight, I keep starting sentences and backspacing them because I am rambling… so goodnight!