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If you are interested in “Celebrity News and Gossip”, Yuddy brings you right into the world of celebrities. You’ve heard of six degrees of separation, right? Maybe you’ve seen the movie, the TV show or even played six degrees of Kevin Bacon. The unproven theory is that everyone in the world is linked to every other person through six links of acquaintances, friends or family. Well, Yuddy takes this theory to a whole new level. Now you can see how your world links into the world of your favorite celebrities.

Yuddy Now ~ The celebrity world is a real life soap opera. Get caught up on all the drama, trials and tribulations with Yuddy. Sort through hundreds (soon to be thousands) of your favorite celebrity biographies and learn of their achievements and public hardships. You’ll find yourself saying “I never knew that” over and over again as you realize just how small the celebrity world really is.

Follow a chain of celebrities from bio to bio. Just look for the blue names and link to that celeb’s bios. Or, click random article to spin the celebrity wheel and learn about someone you might never have found on your own.

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