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STILL no electricity!!!!

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

We are still without electricity! I thought I would answer a few of the questions in the comments …
We are eating a lot of carryout food and fast food. Most businesses in Choctaw are beginning to regain their power now, but the neighboring towns have mostly had electricity. It’s cold enough that I can keep milk in a pantry type room I have that is very cold. I’ve had to feed izzy pediasure because I can’t blend her food and can’t warm anything. She is tired of pediasure. I am too (for her).
We are using a lot of candles for light.
I remain optimistic that it can’t be much longer and maintain my “Pollyanna” attitude about the whole thing… the glad game: I’m glad we have heat. I’m glad we have resources to buy all these supplies to sustain us (even if it is my Christmas money:0). I’m glad we are all safe and know that our power will eventually be back. I’m glad I have a cell phone to keep contact with the world.
Thank you for all your prayers.

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