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it’s thursday…

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

This day started a little rough. Emelia woke up late and told me she needed to dress as a book character for school today, for her Fall party. Which basically means the Halloween party at school. I didn’t realize (being mom of the year and all) that the party was today rather than, well… you know … on HALLOWEEN! Amanda plans her costumes so far in advance, she plans every little detail down to her eyelashes. Emelia is a bit different. She just digs through the big box of costumes of years past when it makes it’s yearly appearance from the attic. She finds something interesting and claims it. She was the most beautiful Snow White ever in Kindergarten. I ordered the prettiest gown from Disney and with her hair color and complexion she was breathtakingly beautiful! Really. Last year she was “glamor witch” which is basically a witch with a lot of feathers. I am opposed to anything “scary” or “evil” … but there wasn’t anything scary or evil about this outfit, trust me! Anyway, she looked in the box several weeks ago and said she was going to be glamor witch again. Fine by me. The problem this morning was that the character had to be a book character. I didn’t have time to find a book about a glamorous witch so I knew we were in trouble. I convinced her to stay home for the morning so that we could figure this out.

Let me back up a bit. We have well water. Our well or more specifically our pressure tank has been acting crazy lately and we have been planning to replace it when needed. Today it is needed. This morning as Matt showered and the kids all did their teeth brushing and face washing the kitchen lights began flickering which is never good. Never. We turned the power off on the breaker box to the well and Matt left for work. That left me with no water.

Okay, back to Emelia. I had also signed up to send a treat of some kind to the party. This would all be so simple if it was next Wednesday as my weekend to do list included… Emelia’s costume for school and school snacks… SO, Emelia had Minnie ears from our recent Disney trip. I remembered Amanda was Minnie around Emelia’s age and HALLELUJAH there was a minnie costume in the box! Yippee! Missing the tail, and the black tights, and the white gloves, and the black turtleneck. But we did have the ears, the dress, and the bloomers… and it was so cute! I made a dash to the store and got all the missing pieces along with snacks for the class and raced home to put it all together, iron, sew some spots that were broken loose from all the crazy trick-or-treating of past… and off we went to school.

I walked her in only to be told that she had to be dressed in plain clothes for school until 2 p.m. No exceptions. I’m like… but, but, but… :o) I said, “Can she take the ears and gloves off? Then it is just basically a red polka dotted dress over black leggings?” NOPE was the answer. It’s still a costume! UGH. You know, this is one of those times you want your kids to remember the grace and politeness you carry so I simply smiled and thanked them for their time… and we left. I suggested to Emelia we just come back at 2, but oh no… she couldn’t miss another second of school. So I brought her home, had her change into some pants, and put the dress on a hanger. Back to school! That was all before 11 a.m. ya’ll! Poor Izzy was run ragged this morning :o)!

I just hope this silly water situation is resolved. TODAY. It is really hard to be without water. I kept Izzy home today because I couldn’t give her a bath etc. Very frustrating.