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the final vacation post! universal studios

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007
We started our morning (Monday) visiting with Pluto and Mary Poppins.
Pluto was a sweetie!
The girls with Goofy.

We left the village and headed to Universal Studios!

Our first ride was the Dr. Seuss ride.

Izzy really did like this ride! After the first spin she was really holding on though.

We stopped in the I Love Lucy shop

Not long after we came out we saw the actress playing Lucille Ball.
She was so sweet. The girls were up on the sidewalk taking her picture and she stepped down into the ‘street’ and knelt down to visit with Isabelle and told her how beautiful she is. Very sweet. I didn’t spend a lot of time visiting the characters, but found her attention to Izzy to be very endearing and genuine.

Another ride that we all loved including Izzy was the E.T. ride!

Here’s Izzy on the E.T. ride!

Well, that almost concludes our trip…. We spent our last evening at the Villa, had dinner and packed. It was a wonderful wonderful week! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Just got home from Emelia’s fourth game in the tournament! Her team lost this game as well as the other three. The good part is that they played so hard this last game. The team only made 2 points on them the whole 20 minute second half. Emelia is totally in it for social reasons, but she just so happens to be the tallest girl out there (no pressure)…

Another fun part of the day… a girl (lady) walked up to me at the game and asked my name. I told her my maiden school name and she said, “you look exactly like you did in high school, brat!” Now, I don’t like being called a “brat” but I sure didn’t mind the other part of the comment. I sure wish I could have returned the compliment. I just smiled and told her it was nice to see her.

Dad’s here, just got carryout pizza… football on the television… I’m going to snuggle in with Izzy and hang out at home (or run off to the bedroom and watch Waitress which I rented today after reading such good reviews on so many blogs!)

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time travel tuesday ~ accident or illness edition

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Well because I am a fun loving girl I thought this would be a good place to travel this week.
What’s the most serious accident or illness you have ever had?
Tell us about it!

Well, like Julie said … I picked a fun topic this week!
I am working down a list of topics and this was just the next one on the list.
I have been very well my entire life too.
I had many many bladder infections as a young toddler.
Turns out I was allergic to fragrant soap. Once we eliminated that I was fine.
I still buy ivory soap only and use the smelly stuff very carefully.
I have never had a broken bone…
Julie called this morning and suggested I use my dog bite incident. I forgot all about that!

In June 1987, I stopped off at my friend’s (twins Shelli & Kelli) house.
Their dad and mom were in the front yard playing catch with their little sister.
I noticed their dog, but didn’t think much of him. I wasn’t afraid of dogs (yet).
I walked up the sidewalk and Kelli said, “watch out for the dog.”
I looked down and noticed he was showing me his teeth.
I said, “would you come get your dog.” and before I finished that sentence he had a good grip on my leg. Their dad came over and ripped him off my leg. The next thing I remember was sitting on the bathroom counter and seeing my white ked now completely red. We headed for the emergency room. My parents were waiting there for us and I knew I could tell how bad it looked by my dad’s expression. He winced when they pulled away the towel. That freaked me out a little. Another fun memory from that event was walking out to the car to go to the e.r., I looked at the dog (now in the back fence) and he was chewing on a piece of skin. Nice.
He put his front long tooth into my bone and then the others took out a piece from the top. It was painful for a while. Matt and I were dating at the time and he was very sweet (although he wanted to go take care of that dog – guys!)
The dog apparently wasn’t up to date on it’s rabies shots so it was quarantined for how ever many days (21 I think), that was a little scary too.
He was a trained attack dog, I didn’t know it at the time. I am now very afraid of dogs and have been known to jump fences if even a small dog comes towards me. It’s pathetic.