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Monday, October 22nd, 2007

I didn’t do a menu today. It’s Monday. I still don’t have a menu for this week. Shocking!
Matt informed me he wants to eat low carb. I don’t get that at ALL. I love carbs. They are my favorite food group actually. So, for dinner I made him some herb crusted sauteed chicken breasts with salad and beans… I had a baked potato and some broccoli. Did I mention I’m on a diet? I am. I have lost about 17ish pounds. I am hoping for at least that many more before Christmas. Before you start saying, “You don’t look like you need to lose that much …” remember I am over six feet tall and so I really do. Anywho. The holidays are great motivation for me to lose weight.
I took Izzy to see Bear today. He showed me a few new exercises for her hips. We did therapy early this afternoon and I tried them out on my own. He is better at it. That’s why he is the specialist I suppose. Oh well.
I’ve got about one more post to wrap up the vacation. I hope your not getting sick of seeing all the pics. It’s seriously as much for me to have it written out as anything else. It was so much fun. I keep waking up every morning wishing I was still there. Really.
Amanda and Bailey went to a youth conference this weekend with church. They had a really good time. There have been several confirmations of our church choice being the right choice this weekend. I am so thankful that God has led us to this place. It is a blessing.
The sermon yesterday was about the paralytic that was lowered through the roof by his friends to see Jesus. These four friends knew the power of Jesus. They had faith. Otherwise they would not have gone through so much trouble to get this friend to see Him. I think we are to surround ourselves with friends like that. Full of faith. It was a very uplifting sermon.
It is 48 degrees here and raining. It’s cold ya’ll. Welcome Fall.
Tomorrow is Tuesday. Come back and describe the most serious accident or illness you have had. (sounds fun huh?)