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thirteen thursday ~ a list???

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Thirteen random thoughts since I am having trouble finding time and energy to post about our wonderful week away. I have about 700 photos to sort through to decide what to post and also don’t want to bore everyone with silly details… so here’s a random quick list that doesn’t have enough commonality to have a title…

1. Florida is humid, it was a bad hair week. I think I am deciding to grow my hair long again… ugh.

2. How can there be so much to unpack? I haven’t made a dent in it yet.

3. Time away from Matt has brought us closer I believe. That’s all I’ll say on that ;o).

4. Izzy had so much fun, she is a trooper and if I didn’t learn anything else I learned that she can go and do everything and loves it.

5. My mom was fantastic on the trip. She made it so much more enjoyable and she was very helpful. I’m so glad she went.

6. I love outlet shopping. I found a coach outlet store in Orlando, that’s where I got my souvenier(s) … purse, wallet, and keychain to match! YAY!

7. All the kids went to school yesterday. Izzy’s teachers were shocked to see her. I told them she wasn’t tired, but when I picked her up they corrected me and said she was tired, in fact she fell asleep in circle time. Her school pic was adorable, I’ll scan it asap and post it for ya’ll!

8. I made the BEST chicken pot pie last night. I used phyllo dough. YUMMO! It is a keeper.

9. Many of the pictures from our trip are unflattering of me. I think it is a little depressing but in the grand scheme of things I suppose it’s not a big deal.

10. My mom’s co-worker, who has a special needs child that requires 24 hour care… had a car accident last week and has been given a 1% chance of living. They removed over half of her brain. I am so sad it makes me cry everytime I think of her. Her and her husband spent their life maintaining the very delicate life of their child. Please pray for her and her family.

11. Sonya emailed this morning and a friend of her’s son (8 years old) had an accidental hanging which is much like a near drowning, lack of oxygen to the brain. Sonya was going to visit the child in the hospital and doesn’t have a lot of details yet, but wanted to ask us all to pray for this family and boy.

12. I have been a bad good mail girl. I have a stack of postcards for several of you guys that I meant to mail in Florida and it was just so hectic it didn’t happen. I feel like a slug. please forgive me and know that as soon as I get unpacked I’m heading out for Fall goodmail. Thank you Haley for the Halloween socks I just got from you! and stickers! They are so cute I think Amanda has already confiscated them from me :o)!

13. I missed you guys while I was gone. I have been going through my bloglines trying to catch up with all of you. I just love my bloggy friends!