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Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

I need your help…

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

On Tuesdays Izzy stays a little late at school to work with Camilla, her physical therapist. I love Camilla (if you’re reading this Camilla – me & Izzy LOVE you!!!)… Anyway, Camilla mentioned that Izzy’s legs are very tight when standing and this causes some problems. It also causes problems with her hips. I haven’t been shy when sharing my beliefs. I believe God heals. I believe God answers prayers of faith. I’m asking you to pray fervently for my little Izzy. Specifically for her little legs to be loose and for her hips.

And their prayer offered in faith will heal the sick, and the Lord will make them well. And anyone who has committed sins will be forgiven. James 5:15

bloggy business~

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

monk & neagle banner

Today Monk & Neagle are releasing their CD to the public! I received the cd a while back and let me just tell you … I LOVE IT! You can click on the link above to listen to some of my favorite songs.

Hope you have a wonderful birthday Judi!!!

time travel tuesday ~ special birthday

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

This week we will travel back to either a special birthday you have been given or a memorable birthday you have had …

How old were you? Was it a party, or just a memorable day? Tell us all about it!

I couldn’t decide which birthday to use… there was my 12th birthday, I was sick as a dog! Running a high fever but wouldn’t admit to feeling terrible because I had a slumber party complete with a trip to ice skate planned. I love to go ice skating. I think I finally broke down while on ice skates, my ankles hurt from the fever and I admitted to mom that I was really sick. But that’s no fun… then there was my 15th, the entire youth group came over for volleyball and a make your own french bread pizza bar. It was a huge success and lots of fun! But, that’s about all I remember from that evening… not near enough for a post.

So, I will choose my most recent birthday as my favorite. I felt more love this year than I ever remember feeling on my birthday. EVER. It started with phone calls from friends and family and my very special bloggy friends… my mailbox was happy and full for days and days. You know people say, “it’s the thought that counts.” Well, that statement is so very true. It was so much more about the thought and the care so many took in wishing me happy birthday. Even Matt! He is notorious for almost neglecting birthdays… but he was sweet and thoughtful too.

I had a couple of funny mail experiences… first was the duplicate gifts from Jenna & Jenny. I laughed for days! My IRL bff Julie sent me the most wonderful candles and a shirt with an E on it. I couldn’t figure out what the E meant! I tried and tried to figure it out, because I’m smart like that… but finally had to ask what is the E for? She was quick to remind me her new town begins with E and they wear these shirts around town! Mystery solved. I have worn that E shirt to Emelia’s softball game, to show my support for my E!

It was just the best day!

TGIM!!! & marilyn & calendar …

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Yikes! It’s Monday! That’s good because everyone is off to work or school except for me & Izzy so it’s nice and quiet in the house! BUT, that means lots of catch up from a busy weekend too! I didn’t get to do much on the computer this weekend, I didn’t even do weekend reflection/review.

Guess what I got yesterday??? A NAP! Seriously, a glorious, long nap! IT was the highlight of my weekend. I had a little trouble fully waking up for evening services, but it was ministries night which is equal to kind of a women’s meeting in the kitchen area… so I took my coke w/sonic ice (rude huh?) and woke up there. I visited with some really sweet ladies I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet yet. A widow named Charlotte who was really really nice and Erica who has a cute little baby named Faith. I have actually visited with Erica before, she is extremely friendly.

As promised, here is a picture of the almost completed Marilyn…
She had a great time and I think the Silver Server banquet was a success.

Kim over at Mom’s Musings had the fun idea of posting her calendar yesterday so Kim, here’s my calendar! I bought this calendar holder at a craft show many years ago and each year enjoy looking for a perfect calendar to put in it… I love calendars too!

My menu… another yikes. I haven’t really made a menu or shopped for groceries… I did cook this weekend. (5 bonus pts.) I’ll be back later with a menu!

weekend in four words

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Beth at Sportsmomma has started a new meme called weekend in four words…

Let us hear about your weekend- but only use FOUR words- leave the rest to our imagination!

Come back every Monday and play again!!!

Here’s mine…





mpm ~ sept 17

Monday, September 17th, 2007


baked potatoes
french bread


Cheesy Mostaccioli
garlic toast


curry chicken





saturday stuff ~

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Well, other than accomplishing absolutely nothing! This day is a nice Saturday, perfect weather! I ran out to check the mailbox a little bit ago and found a couple of nice surprises…

Amanda sent the sweetest believe sign with Psalm 107:20 handwritten on the back “He sent His word and healed them.” and “I” for Izzy! It came all wrapped in purple tissue paper, so Amanda! Loved it! Thank you!

Then there was another package from my secret mailer! The theme for August was “all about you”… her card said, “Annie, I did not forget about august’s all about me theme – I was looking for something that reminded me of you – that when you wore it would know what joy you bring! Sorry it was late- I hope you enjoy it!” Then I opened the little box to find a beautiful little cross that says believe on it. Trust me – I will enjoy it! It is perfect. Thank you.

You guys I hope my tears of gratitude aren’t destroying my laptop!

On another note (I know you guys are getting sick of hearing me brag about my mail!) the girls (Amanda and Emelia) were doing the beauty shop thing this morning. Amanda is helping at a church dinner for the senior citizens called “silver servers” tonight. The theme is the ’50’s. She is going to be Marilyn Monroe. Mom made her the infamous white dress and we found perfect shoes last night… that with lots of curlers, liquid eye liner, and fake eyelashes… voila … Marilyn! I plan to take some pics tonight before she leaves! But for now, here are the before pics!

Look what Karen gave me!

Thank you Karen!

You make me smile!
Yes YOU!!!

mail call~

Friday, September 14th, 2007

My mailbox has been happy the last few days!!!

Irene sent a postcard from her vacation in Greece on a beautiful Island! I have that in my bible and love looking at that picture!

Jennie Boo sent a postcard from her vacation with her hubby, she is so thoughtful!

Sheryl & Nancy send sympathy cards, thank you both for thinking of us and sending those thoughts.

Nancy sent some goodmail the other day! I had to laugh when I opened the envelope to find a ‘big hunk’!!! I’ve never had a big hunk (well unless you count Matt…), and the prettiest, girliest stationary ever. I loved it!

Tricia sent a cute little notebook & pen (I immediately put that notebook to use Tricia and it’s in my purse!) She also sent the sweetest note and stickers and stuff. Such fun mail!

I won Haley‘s giveaway and it arrived! What a fun box to get! Thanks Haley.

Then today I went out to the mailbox and there was a package from Sheryl! I was very surprised. Wanna know what she sent? The box of candy was wrapped with “the pettigrews” written on it… you really think I’m going to share? LOL… you’re right, I will!

Thank you all for making me smile!

faith lift fridays ~ be a foxhole friend!

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Be A Foxhole Friend (2)
“Two can accomplish more.” Ecclesiastes 4:9 TLB

Before you get into a foxhole with someone, understand:

(1) Foxhole friends are few. During the Civil War Abraham Lincoln once received a request via an officer to pardon a soldier sentenced to be executed for desertion. The man didn’t have a single letter of support vouching for him. Next morning the officer was shocked to hear Lincoln say that the testimony of a friend had sealed his decision to pardon the man. When the officer reminded the President that the request had come with no letter of reference, Lincoln simply stated “Then I will be his friend” and signed his pardon. If you have such people in your life, value them, they are rare indeed.

(2) Foxhole friends provide strength before and during the battle. Even before the battle, simply knowing that someone believes in you and will fight for you is uplifting. Epicurus said “It is not so much our friends’ help that helps us, as the confident knowledge that they will help us.”

(3) Foxhole friends see things from the same perspective. Five-year-old Tracey asked her Dad if she could play at the house of a friend. He told her she could as long as she was home by six o’clock for dinner. When six o’clock rolled around Tracey was nowhere to be seen. After about 25 minutes, Tracey opened the front door. Her father, working to control his impatience, asked where she’d been. “My friend’s doll broke right when I was supposed to leave for home.” Her dad said, “And I suppose you were helping her fix it?” Tracey replied, “No, I was helping her cry.” What was Tracey? She was a ‘foxhole friend!’ Are you?

Thank you to all my foxhole friends!!!

Thanks Sheryl for hosting faith lift fridays!