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Well, that’s two down…

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

I felt sorry for Matt yesterday when he called to ask what we were having for dinner… I told him I had potatoes baking and planned to make some chicken too. He said, “anything but chicken, what else is on this week’s menu?” I replied, “I didn’t make my menu today.” He said, “You didn’t post your menu? It’s Monday!”
Normally he could just get me to switch days since I had the week planned. So, I didn’t post my menu this week! I ran in the store and grabbed a couple of steaks and voila… dinner. No chicken for my spoiled hubbie. (There is chicken in the crockpot for tonight though ssh!)
So, why didn’t I make a menu? Beats me. I don’t know if I am just in a funk, or if I’m thinking of other things…
Last night I kept thinking… It’s Tuesday tomorrow… What am I forgetting? Well, time travel Tuesday for goodness sakes! No travel plans today. Annie has obviously vacated the meme for the day! sorry :o(. I just completely forgot.
I’ve been trying to get a lot of cleaning and organizing done so that next weekend when I’m packing things will be at least clean. I have learned that if I put it all off until the last few days I am one unhappy momma!
I went to the church this morning for prayer. They have prayer on Tuesday mornings every week. I didn’t make it last week and almost didn’t this week either! Isabelle woke up the instant we said “amen” last night to go to sleep. I dozed off and woke up hearing Matt praying over her. It was really odd. I am so very cold natured. He brought her into our bed and I instantly felt so hot I threw off all the blankets and could feel the cold air from the air conditioning blowing on me, but I was still hot. He continued to pray over her for some time and the instant she fell asleep it was immediately very very cold. I don’t know if you believe in spiritual warfare, but I do… and there was a battle fought (and won) last night in our room. I left the house to go to the church and the instant I went out it started raining. I was glad I went, it was a good thing…
So, tonight Emelia has a couple of ballgames. I should have prayed for the rain to continue :o).
I’m off to hit my to do list for the remainder of the afternoon…

  1. vacuum rug in dining room
  2. vacuum rug in front room
  3. vacuum rug in den
  4. make my bed (yes ya’ll I didn’t do it first thing this morning, but it was a rough night!)
  5. finish laundry
  6. clean bathroom in my room

That’s about it. I’m setting my timer now!