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week in review

Monday, September 24th, 2007

This week has been a blur… Izzy hasn’t slept very well the past few nights, so as a result… neither have I ;o). Monday must have been pretty mundane, because I can’t remember anything interesting… Tuesday we spent the evening at the ball field watching Emelia’s games… Wednesday I cleaned out my closet, and kept Iz home from school (mental health day)… Thursday felt like Friday, ALL DAY… and then Friday was a busy busy day. We went to Bear, then school, I ate at panera with my brother … and then had dinner out with mom and dad. Saturday we stayed in all day! Had chinese carryout for dinner and leftovers after church today! Love that. Church was good today. I missed tonight for dinner at mom & dad’s. It is my daddy’s birthday! We had grilled steak, huge homemade hot rolls, fresh corn on the cob, pasta salad, salad, blackberry cobbler, and cake. It was good! (I didn’t eat the cobbler because fruit is yucky!)

Thanks for your outpouring of love & prayers for Izzy this week.

Tonight I just can’t seem to compose my thoughts in an articulate way, not that I ever do…really… but, I am very thankful for you. I love reading your posts, it’s truly like visiting you each individually. If I don’t post long comments it’s usually because I’m holding Izzy or feeding her while reading your blogs so I am commenting with one hand. I’m thankful for my parents, for my dad on his birthday… for my family, my sweet kiddosfor Izzy, she’s such a fighter and such a miracle. I’m thankful for God’s love that fuels my life everyday.