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you mean it’s not friday yet?

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

I woke up thinking it was Friday! All day I keep having to remind myself it is Thursday. Why? To me the weekends are busier than the weeks so it’s not much difference… but, this week is just off for some reason.

Well, me & Izzy took the day off yesterday… sort of. She took the day off and I deep cleaned my room and reorganized my closet. Whew! It was a lot of hard work! I had all this stuff pulled out of my closet piled on my bed, stacks to throw away, donate, put back etc. and I just had this very overwhelmed dizzy feeling. I immediately asked God to help me finish and before I knew it I was done! Isn’t God awesome? He even helps with silly closet cleaning!

I want to thank everyone who commented on my previous post about Izzy. I hesitated to write that post because I do believe there is so much power in our words and I try not to speak any negativity especially in regards to Isabelle. It was late Tuesday evening, I was tired and just wrote it. The prayers have been great and I really appreciate you guys so much. There was a question about massage therapy. Izzy sees Bear who is a massage therapist on Fridays. He does rolfing which is deep tissue massage and has been focusing on her legs and hips the last few weeks. He is really good with Isabelle!

On that note, I talked to Camilla when I picked Izzy up today and she said Izzy did great in therapy today. She did tall kneeling and she said Izzy kept her knees bent and was really moving a lot which is good. I really appreciate Camilla, she is a wonderful therapist for Izzy!

Karen & Sheryl & Nancy & Karen gave me the “you make me smile award.” All four of these ladies make me smile!!!

I’m giving it to everyone who commented my previous post because all your prayers made not only my face smile, but my heart smile as well… and I realize there are about forty of you, but since I’ve gotten it four times I think it’s okay :o)… Please take the button and pass it on to those who make you smile!