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Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

monk & neagle banner

Today Monk & Neagle are releasing their CD to the public! I received the cd a while back and let me just tell you … I LOVE IT! You can click on the link above to listen to some of my favorite songs.

Hope you have a wonderful birthday Judi!!!

time travel tuesday ~ special birthday

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

This week we will travel back to either a special birthday you have been given or a memorable birthday you have had …

How old were you? Was it a party, or just a memorable day? Tell us all about it!

I couldn’t decide which birthday to use… there was my 12th birthday, I was sick as a dog! Running a high fever but wouldn’t admit to feeling terrible because I had a slumber party complete with a trip to ice skate planned. I love to go ice skating. I think I finally broke down while on ice skates, my ankles hurt from the fever and I admitted to mom that I was really sick. But that’s no fun… then there was my 15th, the entire youth group came over for volleyball and a make your own french bread pizza bar. It was a huge success and lots of fun! But, that’s about all I remember from that evening… not near enough for a post.

So, I will choose my most recent birthday as my favorite. I felt more love this year than I ever remember feeling on my birthday. EVER. It started with phone calls from friends and family and my very special bloggy friends… my mailbox was happy and full for days and days. You know people say, “it’s the thought that counts.” Well, that statement is so very true. It was so much more about the thought and the care so many took in wishing me happy birthday. Even Matt! He is notorious for almost neglecting birthdays… but he was sweet and thoughtful too.

I had a couple of funny mail experiences… first was the duplicate gifts from Jenna & Jenny. I laughed for days! My IRL bff Julie sent me the most wonderful candles and a shirt with an E on it. I couldn’t figure out what the E meant! I tried and tried to figure it out, because I’m smart like that… but finally had to ask what is the E for? She was quick to remind me her new town begins with E and they wear these shirts around town! Mystery solved. I have worn that E shirt to Emelia’s softball game, to show my support for my E!

It was just the best day!