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Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Well, other than accomplishing absolutely nothing! This day is a nice Saturday, perfect weather! I ran out to check the mailbox a little bit ago and found a couple of nice surprises…

Amanda sent the sweetest believe sign with Psalm 107:20 handwritten on the back “He sent His word and healed them.” and “I” for Izzy! It came all wrapped in purple tissue paper, so Amanda! Loved it! Thank you!

Then there was another package from my secret mailer! The theme for August was “all about you”… her card said, “Annie, I did not forget about august’s all about me theme – I was looking for something that reminded me of you – that when you wore it would know what joy you bring! Sorry it was late- I hope you enjoy it!” Then I opened the little box to find a beautiful little cross that says believe on it. Trust me – I will enjoy it! It is perfect. Thank you.

You guys I hope my tears of gratitude aren’t destroying my laptop!

On another note (I know you guys are getting sick of hearing me brag about my mail!) the girls (Amanda and Emelia) were doing the beauty shop thing this morning. Amanda is helping at a church dinner for the senior citizens called “silver servers” tonight. The theme is the ’50’s. She is going to be Marilyn Monroe. Mom made her the infamous white dress and we found perfect shoes last night… that with lots of curlers, liquid eye liner, and fake eyelashes… voila … Marilyn! I plan to take some pics tonight before she leaves! But for now, here are the before pics!

Look what Karen gave me!

Thank you Karen!

You make me smile!
Yes YOU!!!