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time travel tuesday ~ honey we’re having a baby edition

Monday, August 27th, 2007

How did you find out you were pregnant, how did you share the news with your hubbie… how did you tell your family?

Come travel back to the day you found out you were pregnant and share it with the group!

I’m not sure why I chose this topic, I didn’t have anything in mind…
I have friends who were so incredibly creative in how they shared the big news with their hubby or family.
Take Mendy, she found out she was preggers right before Christmas. She bought little baby items like bottles and bibs all decorated for the holidays and wrapped them for each family member. She asked them to all unwrap at the same time. I think it took them a minute, but they were very excited. Especially considering she had waited a while to get married and have children.
When we found out we were pg with Amanda it was time for Matt’s sister Jane Ann’s wedding.
Before the wedding we were served champagne and I remember thinking I had to pretend to sip the champagne because I didn’t want to take away from her special day by announcing our news. (and yes I know a single glass of wine or champagne was fine, I had discussed it with the dr. I was just being very careful).
We waited until they returned from their honeymoon to tell Matt’s family.
With each child I had a shirt made for Matt to wear that said “COACH” on the front and “PETTIGREW” on the back with “01, 02, 03, and 04” He still has those t-shirts, although his 01 shirt, being 17 years old is pretty thin. I always thought with each of the next babies after Amanda this would be a wonderful way to tell Matt about our new baby. . . I just couldn’t wait long enough to go get the shirt, being the big mouth that I am :o).
I remember Amanda let the news slip to Matt’s family when we found out we were having Bailey. Maybe a little earlier than we would have. By the fourth child I think we were starting to scare some family members. My mother’s mother had 14 children. When asked about why she would have so many her reply would always be, “who would I send back?”
Matt and I pretty much had always said we would have four children.
After Isabelle was born, Matt suggested five wouldn’t be a bad number either.
I called my OBGYN that day to schedule a tubal.
Four was the perfect number.
For us.

mpm ~ august 27

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Why am I up at 11:55 p.m. writing my menu???
Well to answer that question you would have to address it to my sidekick Isabelle, who will not go to sleep!!! She must be excited about pre-k tomorrow, I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned it as I was laying her down to sleep, huh? She’s much too cute to be irritated with, so I am trying to make productive use of this time that I would normally (and happily) be dreaming of ice cream and unicorns…

refried beans (fat free)
mexican corn


unbelievable spinach calzones


Jenna’s Teriyaki glazed chicken

what else do you serve with this Jenna?


Taco meatloaf
spanish rice




Paula & John coming and cooking my favorite pasta because John was at a golf tournament my birthday weekend and offered a raincheck on my meal! woo hoo!!!

Pot luck at church
Italian in theme
Taking Barb’s spinach pasta… don’t know if it is italian, but it is yummy!

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