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weekend reflection~

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Is it just me or has bloggville been super quiet this week/weekend?
I haven’t been on much either, Matt got this new thing called an internet tablet or nokia n800. Have you seen these things? It’s like a little portable computer… anyway, Bailey has been turning his dslite into a mini computer by doing something with some kind of card and they have been using my laptop for all their little experiments. I was so busy yesterday I hardly missed it, but today I finally asked to see my laptop for a minute. :o). There are other computers here! I think I did two thousand loads of laundry yesterday. Not really. It just felt like it. Maybe more like 10? Everyone’s bedding. Everyone’s clothes. UGH.

I mentioned Emelia has started playing softball. I ran down all the supplies required (bat, glove, helmet, face mask, bag, balls) and then yesterday I had to go to ‘town’ to find a certain pair of nike softball shoes. I found them! Came home, more laundry, picked Emelia up from the Kid’s conference. She met the bible man. She said he changed her life. Don’t you love kids? We ran to the ball field to meet the coach and give her $$ and the birth certificate and she wasn’t there. So we went shopping some more, the rain last week resulted in a green pool. again. I’m so sick of that pool. Seriously.

Our neighbor across the street called to wake us up this morning, she asked if we had looked outside yet this morning. We hadn’t. So we did. She got teepeed. She is 71 and on oxygen. She thinks the neighbor kids did it. I just hope it wasn’t meant for Amanda (since teenagers usually do it to each other) but Amanda assured me anyone meaning to teepee her would know our vehicles and would not make that mistake. Who teepees a 71 year old? weird.

Church today was great. Me and Iz lasted the entire service without a trip to the cry room. She doesn’t cry really, just gets tired of being there so we go sit in the other room so we aren’t disruptive. She did great today and looked so cute. Jenna, I put that polka dot bow you sent on her with a hot pink sun dress today. She looked so cute and we thought of you all morning.

So this week was great, every day when I picked up Izzy from school I got good reports. I wrote about some of them here. She is doing really good and loves pre-k. All the kids love school. There have been very minimal complaints. I told ya’ll that Amanda made a 100 on her trig test. She is in an act prep class with a goal of making at least a 33 on her act. Go Amanda.

I feel like I have to explain the harpo marx comment. He was playing. But, after I looked at the pic of Harpo, he may be right :o). It’s really going to take some getting used to. Thank you all for your sweet comments about it. You are really great friends and so sweet. I’m going to straighten it next, maybe it will look cute like that? Several people asked how hard it is to fix, well… I wash it, comb it, and then put some mousse in it and scrunch it up a little and that’s it. Pretty easy. It’s just so big. Enough hair talk.

Guess what I did last night when my computer was hijacked, Izzy was asleep, laundry was done and it was too late for anything else? Worked on goodmail! I have a bag by the front door ready to take to the post office tomorrow. I love sending goodmail probably more than getting it. I had so much fun writing notes to my friends.

In the kitchen this week, I stuck with my menu all week! It all worked out great. I love making progressive meals like that. Makes me feel like susie homemaker. Today I wanted something to be ready when we got home from church and had wiped out pretty much all our food (well, not really, but a box of mac and cheese or scalloped potatoes and peas didn’t sound great) so I put an onion in the crockpot with butter, sliced a pound of mushrooms, pressed some garlic, threw in a few cans of tomatoes, some spices, some parm cheese and cooked it while we were at church. Came home and cooked some pasta and broccoli, I had pulled a loaf of ww french bread out of the freezer so I sliced it up, melted butter with a couple of cloves of garlic, a dash of italian seasonings, a pinch of crushed red pepper, and a palm of parm. Poured it down each slice and poured the cheese in the bottom across the top. Wrapped it in foil and baked at 350 for 25 min. It was a yummy- meatless meal. Even Bailey ate it. Tonight we’ll have grilled cheese and tomato soup after church and then I have no idea. I haven’t made my menu yet… Guess that will be a job for late tonight or tomorrow.

I am adding a new part to my weekend reflections. Prayer requests.
Here are some of the people I am praying for now…

  • Izzy’s healing.
  • Parker
  • Heather
  • Luke
  • Abbie
  • Kat’s travel
  • Marcia’s recent loss
  • Jenna’s cold and adjustment to school
  • Collin
  • Judi
  • Julie (joyful days), loss of her mother
  • Susan’s granddaughter Oksana, and Susan
  • Darla, one of my oldest bffs from way back who is a minister’s wife and stranded in a place she is not happy. (sorry Darla, love you too)

Praise reports…

  • Julie’s (gigi’s little blog) mom’s good test results
  • Izzy’s great week at school

If you have any prayer requests, please add them in your comments so that I can add them on. I think prayer is so important and a wonderful thing to do for each other.

God’s love
great friends
loving family
cool house
clean car
happy kids
sonic ice
big hair