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time travel tuesday ~ 21 years old edition!

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

You’re 21.
What’s going on in your life?
Who are you spending most of your time with?
What’s favorite things to do? eat? hobby?

(for those of you lauren not yet 21, you could tell us what you plan to be doing at 21!)

I don’t know why I chose 21. I have been trying to remember something really interesting about that year and well, there wasn’t much but I’ll try to remember what I can…

Matt and I celebrated our first anniversary and also Amanda was born about a week before I turned 21. I was nursing her. This wasn’t really popular in 1990. Not in Oklahoma anyway. So, the nurse suggested I put this lanolin cream on my *nip* (don’t want google searches to bring people here for that word ;o) Anyway, I did as told and Amanda nursed. After a few days of this I noticed one was very very sore. So sore in fact I would go into another room to nurse because I cried out loud while she latched on. It was bad. A few more days passed and I looked down and my ‘n’ was split in half. Yep, in half. I had red streaks going up and down my trunk and couldn’t move my left arm well. I had a high fever and very hot chest. Matt was young. I was young. This is probably around the date of my birthday. Mom keeps Amanda while Matt drives me to the doctor. I am sitting in the exam room. Alone. No shirt on. Dripping. The dr. comes in and looks, gasps, leaves. Comes back with a band of doctors and nurses, they all look, gasp, leave. The doctor comes back and writes a Rx telling me it looks worse than any breast infection he has ever seen. I have tears coming out of my eyes constantly, not crying. Just tears. I was sick. The most memorable thing about that day was Matt insisting we stop to test drive a car. I had a pontiac firebird with t-tops. We decided it wasn’t practical for baby. But I somehow didn’t think this was the day to shop. We did. I was mad for a month about it. That and him wanting me to cook breakfast the next morning! I did. We’ve come a long way, thank you Jesus.

I was spending most of my time with my family, Matt and Amanda… Mom and Dad…. my friends were Melody, Mendy and Rachael. Melody had just had Megan a few months before so we did zoo trips and stuff with the girls. I remember driving home from meeting Melody and Megan at the mall, we had eaten at El chicos and bought the girls suckers. On the way home Amanda got that sucker broken off and stuck in her throat. She was turning purple. I pulled off the road (kept my foot on the brake Julie/she gets annoyed that I rarely switch to park) and then whipped her out of her carseat, threw her head out of my car door, did a few professional pounds on her back, the sucker flew on the highway, I flipped her back in her carseat and off we went. My foot remained on the brake the entire time.

My favorite foods were meatless spaghetti which I made often, I would saute garlic and onions in olive oil, add tons of fresh sliced mushrooms, then prego spaghetti sauce and my “spaghetti seasonings” served over angel hair pasta. It was always yummy! Matt tried to make it for me once right after Amanda was born. He did a good job but I couldn’t figure out why it was gritty. Turns out he didn’t know to clean the mushrooms… ick. He pretty much hasn’t cooked since then… pretty much. My favorite hobbies at that time were reading and cross-stitching. I read those silly romance novels and also books on the best seller list… and cross stitched for fun.