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bloggy goodness~

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Look at those sweet bracelets! Aren’t they adorable? During the July bloggy giveaway Kim at Hind’s Feet was offering a bracelet as her drawing prize. I entered. I didn’t win. She later emailed me and said she would like to make Izzy a bracelet (isn’t that sweet?). She and her daughters shopped together for ‘cheerful’ beads to make the perfect bracelet for Iz. Well, if you look at the picture you will notice there is a pretty bracelet on my wrist as well! She sent one for me! Thank you Kim, I love them both. Izzy wore hers to school today (the mail came right before we left for school) and it looks so cute on her little wrist!

Look what else was in today’s mail! Thanks Kayelyn!
And a new magazine!!!

mpm ~ aug 20

Monday, August 20th, 2007

My menu was all messed up last week, so a lot of mine looks like repeats although it isn’t. . .

Yesterday I made late breakfast/lunch … peppered bacon, gravy, biscuits and cheese eggs (our cholesterol intake for the week has been achieved). We ordered chinese food for dinner and it was so yummy. We had it leftover after church today for lunch. I made grilled cheese & tomato soup before we went to evening services.


Baked ham with pineapple brown sugar glaze
scalloped potatoes

slow cooked beans with leftover ham
oven fried potatoes

bean burritos with leftover beans
spanish rice

Frito chili pie (with leftover beans)

Hot dogs with leftover chili
(I only use beef kosher wieners… I’m a wiener snob :o)
baked chips

That’s all the food talk I’ve got in me tonight… Have a great Monday and visit Laura at Org. Junkie to sign up and participate in MPM!

OHHHHH, don’t forget to come back tuesday for time travel tuesday!!! Here’s where we’re going so you’ll know what to pack…

You’re 21.
What’s going on in your life?
Who are you spending most of your time with?
What’s your favorite things to do? eat? hobby?

(for those of you lauren not yet 21, you could tell us what you plan to be doing at 21!)