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it’s thursday~

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Whew, this has been a crazy week. I am looking forward to being back in the ‘school’ routine and it not being such a big deal every day!!! Izzy is enjoying school this week. Her teachers told me yesterday that when she is in the pre-k class for circle time the kids just love her and want her to stay. They all colored pictures for her. She is pretty magnetic, people are always drawn to her. Anyway, other than being cranky on Tuesday for a bit, she is enjoying school.

Yesterday after I took Izzy to school my friend Melody came over for her “hair do”…
This is the end result. I added some dark pieces in this time because, well it’s almost Fall and also last time it looked pretty blond! I also put some more blonde in the back this time. I think she looks very pretty!

I came home from picking Izzy and Amanda up from school and sat down for just a minute before starting the PW chicken sandwiches for dinner and fell sound asleep for like forty minutes! I woke up and couldn’t believe it! Fortunately those sandwiches are quick to make. They were yummy again. Instead of pounding the chicken this time I just sliced the breast in half to make them thinner and I think I liked it better that way.

I posted a recipe today over on my food blog for slow cooker thursday. I haven’t posted one in a while for SCT and felt bad… I guess with the warmer weather I haven’t been using the crock pot much, but I bought a mag at the store the other day and they had several that sounded worthy of trying. I have not yet tried this one, but I plan to try it next week. It does sound yummy!

The kids are all enjoying school so far. Amanda says trig is hard already. Emelia says they don’t do work yet… and Bailey is just sleepy. He was a night owl before school started so it’s been hard for him to acclimate to the new schedule.

Sweet Lauren gave me the nice matters award yesterday. She is adorable and I really enjoy blogging with her and her mom Nancy Face :o). Thanks Lauren!

I have so many things calling my name this morning… I have two hours before taking Izzy to school and she is headed for the bath and then lunch, pool maintenance, clean up kitchen, laundry. Busy morning, but I wanted to check in and say hi.