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time travel tuesday ~ first day of school edition

Monday, August 13th, 2007

In honor of today being my children’s first day of school, I thought we would travel back to a first day of school that was memorable.
Do you remember your first day of school?
Maybe your first child’s first day of school was a memorable day.
Did you cry? Did they?

I decided to do first day of school kinda last minute because honestly Tuesday slipped up on me this week! But, school was certainly on my mind today.
I am going to begin with today. It was Izzy’s first day of school in the pre-k class. I had just a brief moment of sadness. You know the sadness that comes over you like a big black cloud and you feel consumed? I pushed Izzy into her class today. She looked adorable as usual. Coordinated from her red rhinestone barrette down to her heart printed shoes. She wore a little bracelet too. I suddenly went from looking at her to looking at the little girls running into their classes with their mamas following after them having them stop to pose on their first day. That’s when the cloud came. My mind reminded me that had Izzy’s accident not occurred, she would be running into her pre-k class and I would have my camera ready. I quickly pushed that thought out of my mind and praised God for the gift of my Isabelle. I praised Him for her life and for that moment of taking her into school. I praised Him for the miracle that I get to be a first hand witness to, and I thanked Him for blessing me with the task of being her mommy. She is a blessing, a doll, a miracle and I love her.
Now, the other three… they are equally loved believe me! Bailey started the day by calling from the bus (on his cell phone) to tell me he forgot his agenda and schedule. I took Amanda and we stopped to deliver Bailey’s things then Amanda was late. Emelia caught the bus with her friends as I watched. She was so excited! She wanted to switch shoes as the bus came around the corner. I had to quickly encourage her to keep the shoes she had on and that they were perfect with the outfit :o). They all had a good day. Izzy’s teachers said that she really enjoyed the interaction with the pre-k kids. She also told me she could see improvements over the Summer. Love improvements! We came home and did therapy so she is asleep early tonight after a very full day.

Now, my first day of school I can’t remember exactly… but, I was the biggest mama’s crybaby you have ever seen in your life so I imagine that first day was spent dragging me away from my mom and then being annoyed by my wailing! Sheesh. What was up with that? I have one clear memory from that first year… me and my bff Alicia were drawing self portraits and I drew mine complete with the clothes I was wearing. The teacher marched me up to the office to show it off. She was real impressed. My mom still has that picture.

eight random things about my marriage ~ a tag/meme

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Ann has tagged me for this meme … here we go (I’m really trying to think random here!)

  1. When Matt and I were signing home loan papers years ago I wrote the wrong date for our anniversary. He was highly offended. I put June 18 rather than the 17th.
  2. Right now I sleep on the right side of the bed, but every few years we switch sides.
  3. During our wedding we laughed and talked during the song prior to the unity candle lighting. I think we were both too nervous to look serious. . . or too young.
  4. Matt and I talk a lot. We always have had good conversations. Many times during our marriage we have laid down to sleep and talked too late.
  5. Matt calls me many times every day and has our entire married life.
  6. I started dating Matt right before I turned 16. He was 18. We dated about four years before getting married.
  7. I scared Matt really bad. One time. I have learned that he can ‘get me back’ far worse than I can get him so I don’t play pranks on him much…. live and learn, but the one time I got him was good. He is afraid of snakes. Not much else. I had been teaching a class at vbs and we had this huge rubber snack as part of our scenery. I brought it home and the drain in our shower that is in our bedroom will come up so I put that snake half way down the drain and propped the drain over it like it pushed it up. I waited until matt came home and very casually said, “hey matt, when you get a chance will you look at our shower, for some reason that drain keeps coming off.” He went in our room to change and stepped into the bathroom and literally jumped backwards 10 feet! I laughed for days, weeks, I still get a good laugh when I remember it. I am not mean. I enjoyed this so much mainly because he is famous for hiding behind doors or just walking by and saying boo and I always jump. always! It was fun to see him jump!
  8. Matt and I like to end every day by going to bed, holding hands, and praying. Many nights one of us falls asleep mid prayer, but we wake up long enough to say amen.

Okay, consider yourself tagged! Yes, you!

mpm ~ august 13

Monday, August 13th, 2007

pioneer woman’s lasagna
garlic bread

Tuesdaybeans & ham (crockpot)
corn on the cob

WednesdayChili (with leftover beans)
over fritos
with cheese!

Thursdaypioneer woman’s chicken sandwich
baked chips

Fridaycarrie’s meatballs

Bon Appetit