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Sunday, August 12th, 2007

What a fun week I’ve had! Aren’t birthdays great? Well, until they are over and you realize you have aged a year – ugh! Oh well, I feel much younger than I am and will stick with that reality for now. I was blessed beyond measure this birthday with wonderful words, thoughts, cards, ecards, phone calls, and fun mail goodies.
Here’s how my week went…
Monday I spent much of the day with my mother. We went to eat at Chicago pizza and shopped a little. She made dinner for me Monday night along with a cake called “better than anything cake” I think it has a different name but my mom has renamed it. It is basically chocolate cake, you poke holes in and pour eagle brand milk all over it while hot then hot caramel and let it cool. After it cools you spread whipped cream all over it and then crushed heath bars. Let me tell you, it is better than just about anything!
Tuesday I went to the AG church for prayer time in the AM. There were only a few ladies there, but it was nice to get to know them a little better and I enjoyed being there for their prayer time. They are might prayer warriors.
Wednesday me and Amanda hit the mall, Penn Square Mall to be exact! It was a fun shopping trip and we got Bailey decked out for school. While there my IRL friend Melody met us at pepperoni grill and took me out for birthday lunch! We had so many bags we almost didn’t fit in the booth. I wasn’t complaining. Amanda and I split the fettucini alfredo with grilled chicken. It was yummo. Melody is a sweet friend and I really enjoyed seeing her even if it wasn’t for very long. We went to church Wednesday evening and enjoyed the first lesson in a series by the pastor titled “miracles.” After church I cut and highlighted mom’s hair (after I got Izzy to bed) Matt got called out to work so I took advantage of a late outing.
Thursday was the big birthday! It started with a call from Jenny (coachJ) We talked for over an hour. I think I could talk to her forever. She’s a sweetie! I got many phone calls from friends and family Thursday like Julie and Jana… It was a fun day. I went to lunch with my brother Mike and then had dinner at mom’s house. She made an italian cream cake and grilled burgers and hot dogs. It was delicious. Matt was just about done with all the birthday stuff by thursday evening, so I started calling him my jealous monkey :o)!!!
Friday I got a package in the mail from Jenna. It was a duplicate of something Jenny had mailed… I blogged about it here. I really got a good laugh out of that and had to call Jenna to laugh with her and thank her of course! I really enjoyed visiting with Jenna. She is such a sweetie. I can’t wait to meet her IRL. I had lunch with my friend Laura at Chilis. Her birthday is the 12th so we usually have lunch in the middle. It was nice to catch up with her! I rushed home to take bailey for a hair appointment and then Amanda to get her schedule and then Emelia to get enrolled. It was a busy day! Sweet Karen sent me a goodie package for my bday all the way from New Zealand! It was so sweet of her and lots of fun to go through! I also got the lightweight stroller from UPS that Dawn sent! I love it and it is so easy to get in and out of my suburban. Izzy fits in it perfectly and I used it Saturday & Sunday. Dawn also sent some really fun presents for me & for Izzy. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Here’s bailey right after his cut, he wasn’t thrilled with the styling… can you tell?

Saturday we went to the AG church for a slip & slide / school supply giveaway. Matt helped all day and Bailey stayed there with him. Me and the girls came along a little later. Bailey got way too much sun and is sore from all the trips down the slide. It was a great outing though. We came home and I did tons of ironing (I felt like John Travolta’s charater in Hairspray)… and washed and vacuumed my car. It was a productive day! I got a package from Julie! I haven’t taken a pic of it yet, but it was really good candles, a neat cross bookmark, and a cute t-shirt! Thanks Julie. I went over and highlighted Niecie’s hair. It looked so good!
Today we had church with a bbq dinner immediately following. I was supposed to bring a dessert, but didn’t get to it yesterday so I made a lemon bundt cake (matt’s fav) early this morning. We had a great time at church and lots of fellowships following! It has been a great day. Amanda and I just got home from buying groceries and I already have my meals planned for the week. I’m going to run out and work on the pool a bit and then clean things up some…
I’ve had many blessings this week I can’t even count them all.

I’m thankful for…
good friends
a loving family
my sweet kiddos
izzy’s health and healing
our church

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Sunday, August 12th, 2007