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written on bunnies?

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Jennifer offered this challenge to Susan… My challenge to my blog friends is this: write 8 of your blog friends names in a unique way and post them. Then come back over and let me know. You must write the blogger’s name that tagged you, then add 7 others. Be creative and if possible use the natural wonders of the world!

Susan wrote my name on a stone and offered the same challenge to me!

So per the instructions, my first picture is for Susan.
She is such a sweetie and a mentor for me, truly.
She also lives in the same state as me!

Next is my bloggy buddy Kat!
Such a cute bunny huh?
I just love visiting Kat, she’s a really special person!
Here comes Carrie!
Carrie is a bloggy sweetheart and I
expect if she accepts this challenge we’ll see
names on her pretty veggies she’s growing :o)

Oh, what about Jenna?
Jenna was one of my first blogging buddies and I just love her!
She has a pretty new blog design now, she’s pretty fancy!

Can’t forget the birthday girl!
Jenny and I have had some great phone conversations.
I just love Jenny!

Sweet Judi!
Judi hasn’t been posting for a couple of days so maybe this
will inspire her to post, I love to visit her!

My IRL & bloggy buddy Julie.
I could make some kind of silly joke about rabbits etc. since she has
seven kids, but I won’t!
Julie knows I love her!

Sheryl is my sweet friend too!
I always enjoy visiting her blog and her uplifting posts.
Her & her hubbie are so sweet together!

Following behind (because that was 8) is Oh Amanda!
She’s one creative gal and even a top mama!
We sure see eye to eye on God stuff, that’s huge to me.

I just can’t wait to see what you girls come up with…

small print…
I must thank Amanda for her bunny assistance. She has scratches to prove she helped out (don’t worry, I gave her money for the movie to make up for it all)
No animals were harmed while shooting these photos, there was one close call with ugly rosa and Susan bunny, but she was rescued just in time!

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

time travel tuesday ~ dates gone wrong edition!

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
Well, for this week’s time travel tuesday we are going back to a date gone wrong… with husband or before marriage it’s your choice. I think it is healing to find humor in bad situations and I have the perfect day to travel back to ~ our 10th wedding anniversary! It was a doozy. So, come back later and travel with me, I can’t wait to hear the crazy things you have experienced…

First and foremost a note to my hubby:
Matt, if you are reading this (and I know you will)… I love you very much.
Okay, here’s my date gone wrong…

I decided that for my tenth anniversary it would be a wonderful idea to plan an outing to Guthrie, OK to spend the night at a bed & breakfast. Guthrie is an old town with a wonderful old theater, the only professional year round theater close to here (they maintain a staff of actors there)… Pollard Theater…
I had been taking some classes around this time like Creative Writing and some Theater classes… I was considering teaching drama for a bit. So, I was really into plays!
I made reservations at a bed and breakfast right by the theater, ordered tickets to the play showing at that time “House of Blue Leaves.”
It was going to be wonderful, we would go eat dinner, then see the play… maybe walk around down town guthrie for a while and then go up to the room at the bed and breakfast… wake up as late as we chose to, go down for breakfast, window shop the antique stores and then head home after a bite of lunch… sounds so nice huh?
Here’s what happened.
We arrived in Guthrie, ate dinner and headed for the play. I had not been feeling well earlier in the day. Matt didn’t like the play. At all. We stepped outside for a breath of fresh air during intermission when he let me know he had no plans to return for the second half. We headed up to the room. He was very displeased to find there was no t.v. in our room. How would he watch the news for goodness sakes? His remedy? A late night drive to the Walmart in town to buy (you guessed it) a small television. He hoisted that thing up two flights of stairs to our room and we did catch the news. When we woke up it wasn’t in his plans to have breakfast with the other guests at the b&b so we scurried to yours and my favorite fine dining establishment for an egg mcmuffin! (on our way out of town)… This was June 17. Our anniversary. Amanda’s birthday is July 28. He walks in, sets the television down in it’s box and announces to Amanda “Happy Birthday, I’ve bought you a television.” The perfect ending to a wonderful night out…
Remembering this night out is funny to me. Matt usually liked to see plays and is a great sport for things I plan. It was just an off date for us.
You know, looking back at this date I realize it wasn’t that bad, especially compared to our 15th anniversary which was spent in a hospital room with Izzy shortly after her near drowning accident. Sometimes occurrences put life into perspective…
I do love Matt and we have the best times together, just not in Guthrie.

Be sure to sign up and share your tales of a date gone wrong…

heads up on ttt …. etc.

Monday, July 30th, 2007

You know I like to keep things positive right?
Well, for this week’s time travel tuesday we are going back to a date gone wrong… with husband or before marriage it’s your choice. I think it is healing to find humor in bad situations and I have the perfect day to travel back to ~ our 10th wedding anniversary! It was a doozy. So, come back later and travel with me, I can’t wait to hear the crazy things you have experienced…

On another note, we went back to the church I mentioned we went to Wednesday night. The pastor of the church came over to visit with us Saturday. He said he saw something in our eyes when we visited Wed. We spoke with him for a while and felt pretty good about the direction he offered. It’s such a hard situation. I love those people at our old church so much, they are my family. I’ve gone there since I was seven years old, but things are just changing in our hearts and lives and we don’t fit there anymore. Our faith has changed. The hardest part right now is our oldest daughter. She is really attached to her friends at our old church. We really want to make this beginning as a family, that would include her. But the compromise I suggested is that she go once a week with us to just see that it is good there. She is pretty mad and upset with me and I just ask that you keep this situation in prayer. I hate drama. I like everything to be rainbows and sunshine and I just can’t do an instant fix on this. I will say that when we were at the new church Sunday morning one of the associates met Izzy and then remarked at the pulpit that she was really drawn to Izzy and how special she can tell she is. Everyone is drawn to Izzy. I was telling jenny (yep, got to talk to her again on the phone this morning… I called to wish her happy birthday … even sang a tiny bit… when she informed me it wasn’t her birthday …. LOL! It’s tomorrow! I may just call and sing the entire song tomorrow, that’ll teach her!) this morning that I think Izzy is so covered with prayer that she draws people to her. It’s pretty cool…

I think I’m almost done with the siggies… just a few more to do. I have enjoyed making them and trying to fulfill the different and interesting requests. I just love my blogger buddies!

bloggy housework…
Miss Paula, you mentioned you tagged me but your blog isn’t available on your profile. Email me at anniepettigrew at yahoo dot com and tell me what your blog’s address is.

mommy of three & karen’s ramblings you need to email me to tell me what you want your siggies to look like!

Susan tagged me for the funnest looking meme! I am really going to have to put my thinking cap on because I’m not really a nature girl :o).

See ya’ll later!

mpm ~ july 30

Monday, July 30th, 2007

sloppy joes
baked chips
baked beans

chicken spaghetti
corn on the cob
ww rolls


chicken fried rice

barb’s pasta again
for matt’s family
with salad, bread & dessert

weekend reflection

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

  • It’s been birthday central around our house this week! Izzy turned 5 on Thursday, I posted pics of her birthday here.
  • Bailey & Emelia have been spending the week riding bikes and skateboards. They are enjoying the summer … and swimming…
  • the stupid pool has had issues all Summer, from all the rain. I took the water to be analyzed and they told me to sit down. It’s a pain to deal with considering everything, but we made the choice to not ‘blame’ the pool. We had a fence put around it and now the kids swim daily. Anyway, it is back to normal and was ready for Amanda and her friends to take a late night swim after our outing.
  • Amanda’s birthday was Saturday! Matt & I took her and her friends to see “Hairspray” and then to eat at Olive Garden. It was a fun outing for all of us! The movie was so fun and the food was great too. Here are some pics … I’ll try to post more tomorrow when I have time to sort through them all…
Amanda’s hair (I fixed it for her birthday outing)

Amanda blowing out her candles!


  • I tried two new recipes this week… the first one was cheesy chicken empanadas and I learned that refrigerated pie crust is not the same as frozen… I made a batch that was disastrous and then used little pillsbury biscuits rolled out thin for the rest which were wonderful.
  • Barb posted the other recipe for a chicken spinach pasta, it was a hit! We had it a couple of times this weekend because it made a ton!!!


  • I’ve been up to my ears in siggies. It’s fun though and I just hope everyone is happy with what they get.
  • My buddy Judi send birthday presents for me, amanda, and izzy! She sent the cutest bookmark (I am going to take a pic, I just wanted to get this written but it looks like a necklace almost, beaded on both ends) and Izzy a little angel that says her name, and Amanda a cute notebook with an “A” on it. So sweet, thanks Judi!
  • I also got a goodmail postcard all the way from Arizona. Thanks Lauren!
  • I got good mail! Kayelyn sent me a sweet pack of birthday goodness! I love goodmail!
  • I won some things… something knitted and something cellophanish… I’ll post pics and links when I get them.
  • Got some fun awards from Kim & K.C.!
  • Happy birthday Jenny (on Tuesday)!!!!
  • I feel like I’m forgetting something, but I have to wrap this post up to get ready for church… oh church… I’ll post about that later.


  • finding a new church home!
  • birthday girls.
  • Matt
  • sunshine
  • fun mail
  • God’s love
  • good friends
  • YOU!

Thanks Judi for hosting WR, love wrapping up the week this way!

siggy winners

Friday, July 27th, 2007

**If you see your name and not your siggy here… it means you haven’t emailed me your information.

I told my daughter to give me 5 random numbers from 1-129. These are the blogs she chose by number….

crafty carolina girl

ribbon rock star

loving annie

simple abundance

palm tree fanatic

and for good measure…

my life as mama jodi

mommy of three

our story

monkey giggles

karen’s ramblings

momma roar

scamp’s place

big blueberry eyes

taking the challenge



Unfortunately I only know the codes to put in blogger so the siggy is at the end of each post automatically, so if you have a different blog I will just email you the signature and you can either figure it out, or manually add it at the end of your post.

Please email me at anniepettigrew at yahoo dot com asap with details of how you would like your siggy to look… color, any little icons beside like heart or ? and if you like the cursive etc. You can use the ones I showed as examples of fonts but I have others too.

And… because I love to share the love… if your name wasn’t drawn or on the list, the first five people who comment and then email me the information will also get one too.

Friday, July 27th, 2007

faith lift fridays ~ God looks inside!

Friday, July 27th, 2007

John 4:19 “Sir,” the woman said, “you must be a prophet.”

This statement didn’t take any insight. Jesus had just “read her mail.” He told her the most secret details of her life. Anyone could have seen that He was a prophet after that.

This woman suddenly realized she was dealing with more than just a man. God was speaking to her. What was her reaction? She changed the subject, anything to get the focus off of her. She asked about where is the proper place to worship. I can just imagine her trying to think of something religious to talk about to get Jesus’ attention off of her.

We all tend to build up privacy walls around the most intimate details of our lives. We’re afraid to let anyone, especially God, look inside. God already knows our hearts and He wants all of our hearts.

Jesus brought the woman right back to the subject of her personal relationship with God. The place of worship or the forms of worship weren’t important. God was looking for people who would open their hearts – even the hidden parts, for Him to enter.

Even today satan tries to distract us with everything except the one thing that counts. God wants us to worship Him in spirit and truth. Anything less than that is not enough.

Thanks Sheryl for hosting FLF! You should head over and read the others and then post something that has blessed you and strengthened you in your faith.

friday feast

Friday, July 27th, 2007
appetizer ~ describe a toy you remember from your childhood.
sit & spin! My bff Alicia had one of these babies and could I spin fast on it. Put us both on it and we would spin until we fell over. Fun times. I bought one for Amanda when she was little and somehow she wasn’t as impressed as I was. It was hard to find too… I guess the toys are just different now.OH! and my friend Mandy doll that I learned to french braid on…

soup ~ on a scale of 1-10, how observant are you?
2 or 10… depends what I’m observing. I can remember what I wore 20 years ago and yet can’t remember the drive I took when I arrive. Depends where my mind is at the time, but I wouldn’t say being observant is one of my strengths.

salad ~ where would you rather be at this very moment?
Asleep. It’s 11:36. Izzy is awake. Probably too much cake & ice cream… or too much partying :o). I would rather be asleep and pray she goes to sleep very very soon.

main course ~ when was the last time you learned something new?
Today. Everyday. I am amazed at all the new things I learn. Like today for instance, when a new recipe called for refrigerated pie crust for these cheesy chicken empanadas and I used the frozen variety and it turned to mush. So, I used refrigerated and it worked. Lesson learned, frozen pie crust doesn’t work for empanadas!

desert ~ I have brothers, but I haven’t any sisters.