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weekend reflection~

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

  • Friday was the last day of school
  • I made these for Izzy’s teacher’s and therapists.
  • My mom & brother Mike ate lunch at Old germany, it was good. I was going to take a picture of my food but I ate it before I remembered (oops!).
Here is Mike in front of Old Germany…

Here is the front of the restaurant…

Here is mom waiting for our food.

  • Mom & I hosted a going away party for my aunt Colleen, she is moving to Denver, Colorado where her (grown) children live. She and her husband moved to Choctaw years ago to be close to some of her siblings (like my dad) and a few years ago her husband died (of cancer) so she has decided to move back to Colorado.
Amanda, mom & Colleen

Here’s the spread of food we had (yum)!
  • Then… Matt’s mom and her husband John came over for the afternoon …
  • John cooked penne pasta with greek olives, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, and lots of garlic! I made my famous garlic bread!
  • They brought a box full of brownies from panera bread.
  • Do you see her ears… the decision was to give them to her! (the earrings)
Here is Gram with Emelia

Paula, Amanda, and John


  • I followed the mpm pretty well, except didn’t make the chicken caccitore… Jenna’s spaghetti was good again (Matt really enjoyed it).
  • I made this for the brunch today….If you look at that table full of food, I’m sure you’ll be surprised to hear this was the only thing that was completely gone when the party was over. It was good….
  • Here is the recipe! I used some jalapeño bread and it was really good.


  • I got some good mail from Judi & Angel & Annie!
  • Jenna sent me a really neat believe sign & a pretty bow for Izzy!
  • Time travel Tuesday was good this week, lots of people played along!
  • Next Tuesday we will travel to a first time something happened in our lives… can you guess which one?

I’m thankful for~

  • Church at Cornerstone.
  • Summer
  • family
  • good mail
  • blog friends
  • irl friends
  • you!

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