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Bailey, Misc, flip flops & PLANNERS (for marcia)

Monday, May 7th, 2007
I don’t talk much about Bailey, my 13 year old son. He is the cutest sweetest little (not so little) guy in the world. You should see him with Isabelle, just precious. He loves her so much and is sweet and gentle but genuine in his love. We had to run to the mall yesterday because his lovely vans (that he loved) got torn in a strange bike accident saturday. So, I had coupons for JCP and thought it was a good Sunday afternoon outing. We found shoes (mens size 10!) and he found fun wii accessories in the game stop. I found some neat little treasures too. It was a nice afternoon (we took Izzy along with us).

Speaking of Izzy… driving home we got junior ice cream cones at Braums and Izzy started vocalizing that she wanted some … so bailey gave her bites of his and I ended up surrendering mine to the cause. It is so great that she is letting us know what she wants more and more. She did this with Bear today as well and he could see subtle changes in her too. We praise God.

I was telling Barb about the flip flops my SIL made me, so I am posting a pic because hey “why not.” Anyway, they are cute and I think the girls will eventually take them from me. Emelia wore the pink ones yesterday and her little feet made them look dirty to me.. ick. Oh well.

Now, on to Marcia‘s planner tag. I have several things I use as planners. The first of which is my cellphone that has a calendar and a note pad that you can write on with a stylus. I use this daily for my calendar and lists for store etc. I have an excel file that I use for budgeting and grocery planning, and an actual planner that is a backup to all the above.

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Menu Plan Monday~May 7

Monday, May 7th, 2007

I am very excited to report to you that last week I followed my menu to a T! I know that is ground breaking news! I can’t say enough how much MPM has changed my cooking life. I plan out my menu over the weekend, usually shop Saturday afternoon with a list of just the items on my menu, and then my week is set. I love the ease of sticking with a menu and I also really like being able to see what variation I am providing weekly for my family. It you don’t do the MPM I highly recommend heading over to Laura’s blog and signing up. The best part about signing up and participating in the meme is finding other recipes and meals people are making that you hadn’t thought of before. Sometimes in our little corners of the world we get into a food rut, I know I have.

Here’s what’s cooking in our home this week…

Foil-pack chicken & mushroom dinner


crock pot bbq chicken
scalloped potatoes
fresh green beans

baked potatoes
corn on the cob

going to Dallas, TX

Don’t forget that Tuesday is the second Time Travel Tuesday and we will be remembering our “sweet 16.” I hope you’ll come back and play along. I had so much fun learning about you at 12.