Friday Favorites~

Amberly has started this new meme, Friday Favorites where you post about anything that is your favorite ~ on Friday. What fun right?

Today I am going to post my favorite shampoo/conditioner. I love biolage, it makes my hair feel good and I love the way it smells. Last week I bought a new package of both and it had a bonus body lotion in the box. The lotion smells just like the shampoo, which I love! Anyway, it is my favorite!

These meme’s are just another way to learn new things about each other and find some good ideas in the process. You should go over to Amberly’s blog and play along!


8 Responses to “Friday Favorites~”

  1. Amberly says:

    I like the smell of Biolage too, but I am too cheap to buy it! 🙂 Thanks for playing along!

  2. Julie says:

    I really like Biolage, too. I think the lotion sounds great. I will have to find some.

  3. Lu says:

    I love Biolage too! 🙂 I love good smelling stuff!

  4. Lu says:

    BTW, I love those chicken pockets on last week’s menu! Can I have the recipe?!

  5. Judi says:

    My absolute favorite shampoo and conditioner ever! I don’t use anything else!

  6. Carrie! :o) says:

    I’ve never used Biolage. Gonna have to try it out. I’m always looking to try new shampoos. :o)

  7. Quietromance says:

    I think Izzy will like the Honeysuckle smell alot! And BTW your comment was not TMI at all. LOL We were going to get to that point in our friendship eventually! 🙂

    I sent you an email, and I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!


  8. Coach J says:

    Ok, add it to the list of similarities. I love Biolage! I use the Energizing formula, and I think they have quit making it. *pout, pout* I can’t find it anywhere here. So, I’m on a quest to find something new. The Bodifying weighs my hair down. The new Revlon stuff I bought is doing the same way.

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