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A purse tag~

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

I was tagged by Kim (Kim’s Candor) and Jenna (A Joyful Journey) for this “show your purse” meme. I just took a quick shot of my purse as is… it’s too small and I am in the market for a bigger one right now. Just switched from an enormous purse that was great but just too big… I think I was so tired of the big one I went too small. Anyway, it has to have an outer pocket for my phone… room inside for my wallet, cosmetic bag, calender, hand gel(!), manicure kit, matt’s checkbook, and other random little things. I like it to have an inside pocket too for lipgloss and small things.
Anyway, I’m not ‘lovin’ this purse, but it is what it is today.

Yes I know it looks really messy inside, it is just too small!

Oh, my friend Dawn (a fellow parent of a near drowning child) mailed me a goodie package today, all the way from Grand Junction, Colorado!
Here is a pic of Izzy’s wrist with the little bracelet Dawn made for her. Isn’t it sweet?

If anyone out there is willing to show me your bag, let me know so I can come see! Carrie, you should show off your bag you have mentioned loving a few times :o).

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In my boiling pot~

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

So I was over at Karen’s blog (Irritable Mother)… if you haven’t visited Karen, you wouldn’t know that she is also an author and motivational speaker for mothers. Anyway, I was watching one of the videos on this page, and although I have heard this analogy several times in my life it has really been on my mind. She talks about a silversmith, boiling the silver to bring out the impurities.

The closer I walk with God, the more impurities I am seeing in myself. It isn’t an easy journey. The self-realization aspect alone is nothing short of frightening. I really have to trust God and know that He is my heavenly Father, that He will not hurt me if I let myself be completely vulnerable. You know those times in youth group or in movies where you are told to fall back into someone’s arms? It is that on such a bigger scale.

We have been in a place of limbo for a while. Mainly in our church situation. I’ve talked about this before, we love the church family at Choctaw, but desire more in the teaching area. We have looked to other places for our meals that feed our faith. These meals have done nothing short of filling us up and for that we are so thankful. I grew up where obedience meant following the rules, it was about the rules. I am finding through my personal journey that rules are important, but that God wants me to live a holy life. Set apart. If I live a holy life, rules are a mute point. The rules are a result of the right life.

My husband (bless his heart) is a fan of the “wives submit yourselves to your husband” scripture… oh and he also loves the “wives should not deprive… I Cor 7:5.” But that is another story :o). Anyway, my point is that if you love your husband, really love him and he loves you like Christ loved the church, you would submit to him without thought. I think the same is true with God. If I love God, know Him through His word, let Him work in my life, my life will become a holy life, set apart.

So I keep having imperfections revealed to me, almost daily … I am really praying about these things. I really feel like the world has it’s hooks in me and I’m trying to break loose. Do you have these feelings? Do you feel like the world is pulling you away from living right?

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