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Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

I am posting a couple more pics I took of the kids Sunday, it was an interesting photo session… We all went to church Sunday, on the way home mom called to suggest I invited dad for lunch because she was out of town sitting with her elderly father. I did. I asked Matt during church what he wanted for lunch while kicking myself for not putting something in the crockpot before leaving home. I was hoping he would say, “subway,” but he said “steak.” I ran by our local grocery store and just didn’t see any steak that looked good… so I bought cubed steak with plans of chicken fried steak which is Matt’s absolute favorite meal and I never cook it because I don’t like it at all! So I brought it in, prepared it, had it cooking… had potatoes mashing… had biscuits baking, broccoli steaming etc. The kids informed me during my cooking rush that they were taking off their church clothes to which I said, “WAIT! I’ve got to take pictures!” Dad walked up right about the time we walked outside to snap some pics (ready for lunch! :0) ) … So, it is amazing that any of these pictures are even decent considering I was really rushing, everyone was hungry etc. The biscuits got a little browner than I prefer, but all in all it was a crowd pleaser.

Today was Izzy’s IEP at school. I have said before that these are never fun, but I am so blessed with this group of people. They all love Izzy so much it is amazing. I think I also already said they are going to take Iz to the regular Pre-K class for a little while each day. Today the pre-k teacher came down to meet me and then we took Izzy to her class to check it out. I told her this was where the big girls go to school. I am excited for her. They did set good goals for Iz for the next school year although my goals are much (much much ) higher. I am just really thankful to be where we are and know for sure God is lighting the path that we follow.

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