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Weekend Reflection~

Saturday, April 21st, 2007


Tuesday was our appointment for castings that didn’t quite goes as planned, but thankfully God took care of it and we even had lunch free… you can read about that here!

Wednesday we saw Bear again. He did really neat things with Izzy and we are excited to have him working with her.

Thursday Izzy had a good day at school!

Bailey brought home all A’s & B’s. He’s been working hard to keep his grades up. Amanda has always gotten straight A’s and been in honor classes, she works hard! She has piles of notecards all over her room, and she studies late into the night for tests. Bailey on the other hand, never brings homework home and never really studies. We try very hard to stress the importance of good grades to him so he has been trying to keep his mind on his business. (He is so smart!)

Emelia has been my therapy helper all week, during assisted crawling in the evenings. Mom fell on the ice a few months ago and it hurts her knee to get on the floor so thankfully emelia is usually around!

Friday my friend Melody came over during her lunch hour so I could highlight her hair. She comes over about every other month and I do the foil highlights for her. (I am not a professional and basically do it for family and close friends). She wanted a lot of hair cut off this time and it looked really cute. I meant to take a before and after pic to post but didn’t …. I’ll ask her for a pic. Mendy who is another lifetime friend was in town for a funeral and wanted to come visit so she came while Melody was here and decided to have highlights and a trim too. We played beauty shop for a few hours. Everyone looked beautiful (‘cept me :o)…


The chicken squares are evolving into a masterpiece :o)…. I added sun dried tomatoes this time and boy were they yummy. You might even see them again on this weeks menu, who knows what I’ll find to add next …

The fajitas in the crockpot turned out good. They were to liquidy. You just never know with individual crock pots how it will turn out. Next time I will know to put just a little liquid. They were still good, Matt loved them, and I will make them again.

I still haven’t made that Italian Wedding Soup! Everytime I say that is for dinner, Matt says, “Let’s have something else.” I finally asked him what his problem was with this and I guess the name made him think it was a little thin soup… so now it is called hearty italian stew and it is cooking right now in my crock pot.


I was so amazed at the response to Heather’s Love Offering! I think the last time I looked the total was well over $15,000.00! That is so awesome and I am really proud to be a fellow blogger!

Sweet Linda over at Ribbon Rock Star gave me the thinking blogger award! Thank you Linda! I didn’t pass it on the last couple of times, but I think this time I want to send it to Sheryl who not only has a really cute blog, but is also very thoughtful; Irene-the green greek is always making me think and I love to hear all about Greece!; Karen, Irritable mother is a new blog friend and she has great posts! I’m loving reading her!; Haley, who makes me think about what it was like to be young and starting my family; and Jenny from Gus’ Gang who makes me think about all the children that need prayer and is so sweet to post updates on Izzy regularly. So, girls, now you can nominate five thinkers yourselves, and display the thinking blogger award in your sidebar.

There are a lot of fun parties still going on around blogworld… like Amy’s and Haley’s!

This has been a good week, there is so much to be thankful for! You can write your weekend reflection & go over to Judi~Mommy of Two to see more!

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Here are your questions!

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

Ann, Elizabeth, Haley, and Kim took the challenge to be randomized.

So you guys and anyone else up for the challenge: Copy and Paste the questions below into your blog. Make sure you answer them! Then, ask who wants you to randomize them! Wait a few days and then create your own 5 random questions for the people who replied to your post.

Mark… Set… Go!

1. What is a holiday tradition that you always did growing up that is maybe a little different than how others might celebrate, but means something really special to you?

2. In your home, where is your favorite place to be and why?

3. What was the best gift you ever received, who was it from, and what made it so special?

4. If time and money were not a concern, how would you spend a free weekend?

5. Name someone who has inspired you in life and explain why.

Let me know when you’ve posted your answers!

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