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Weekend Reflection

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Monday Izzy met ‘Bear.’ You can read about that here

Tuesday Amanda got her driver’s license!

Here’s Izzy at Heath (the chiropractor) on Tuesday too!

Friday evening we headed to Dallas. There were tornados all along the path we were to be traveling, so we got a slow start and they had all passed through. Whew, what a long car ride! Emelia said, “this was the longest four hours of my life.” I don’t know about that, but it sure did seem long.
Saturday we went to see Thurman Scrivner ( This lasted all afternoon, but was great teaching and information. After the teaching was over we spent time with some of the key people working with that ministry team. It was really a great experience and I’ll write more about it.
After we left I took the kids for some El Fenix. I got hooked on this place when we were in dallas for the 8 weeks after Izzy’s near drowning.
We headed home Sunday afternoon to help celebrate my brother Mike’s birthday. I didn’t stay long because Izzy was pooped out from the trip, but there was much food to be had there! My mom is the best cook!
The pics of Bailey and Emelia are at El Fenix (with my phone camera).

The chicken squares I made on this week’s Menu Plan Monday were so good I am planning to have them again this week :o). I made a double batch and used 8 oz. of cream cheese. I also added green onions rather than dried and some real bacon bits.


First I want to mention Heather. I am praying for Heather and know that the bloggers are rallying to support her and her family.

The thinking blogger award has come back to me again ~ twice! Thank you so much Kim (Kim’s Candor) and Catherine (Edward & Catherine Carmichael).

Last (but not least) one of my favorite people has started a blog. You should stop by and welcome Melody! We’ll be working on beautifying her blog in the next few days/weeks :o).

Well, thanks Judi for hosting weekend reflections. It is great to sit and remember all the great events of the past week.

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