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Menu Plan Monday~April 9

Monday, April 9th, 2007

Chicken Squares
(thanks Hambones)

Breck Wreath
(thanks Homeschooling Momma)
Corn on the cobb

garlic chicken spaghetti
baguette bread (from panera)
green beans

baked potatoes
rolls & brownies

Heading to Dallas for the weekend!!!

It was a nice relaxed weekend, just what the doctor ordered :o). We had Easter dinner at mom & dad’s house, followed by a chilly Easter egg hunt. The menu was ham, corn casserole, broccoli casserole, potato salad, banana pudding, lava cake, fresh pineapple & strawberry salad and hot rolls. It was GOOD! Monday morning I am taking Izzy to see a myofascial therapist who also does rolfing and craniosacral therapy. These are all three types of muscle manipulation & massage that were suggested by the neurodevelopmental team for Izzy. I found a man in Edmond who is trained in all three so we will see. I am hoping this is something Izzy can benefit from. Izzy spent the day sneezing, please pray that she is not getting a cold. Amanda and Emelia have been a little under the weather.

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend, I’ll post about the appointment when I get a chance.

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