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~MeNu MoNdAy~ (April 2)

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Happy Monday! I love Mondays, although this morning I’m headed to the doc with Izzy for her botox injections. She will have injections in her ankles and thighs… and hips… She has had this done once before and it did help. I was concerned about the actual procedure, but the way they sedated her with a nasal spray, she didn’t act like it hurt at all. I have to admit I had to turn the other direction while holding her little hand last time because I could not watch those long needles (yikes)!

I stuck with the menu last week. Everything was good and will probably be keepers. Here’s what’s cookin’ this week…


Foil – pack creamy mushroom chicken dinner
salad, rolls

Oven stew
(I’m trying this recipe courtesy of Eagles Wings)

WednesdayChicken fajitas
spanish rice

Slow Cooker Lasagna
(thanks Nickfamily)
garlic bread

Fridaygarlic chicken spaghetti
corn on the cob
hot rolls

Have a great week, and head over to Org. Junkie to sign up!

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