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Menu Plan Monday~April 30

Monday, April 30th, 2007

MondayPork chops & mushrooms
(recipe from Eagles Wings)
green beans & potatoes

Tuesdaysloppy joes
mac & cheese

WednesdayChicken cream cheese enchiladas
black beans

Curry chicken

oven fries

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Weekend Reflection~

Saturday, April 28th, 2007


  • I had Izzy’s IEP Tuesday. It went well, and we are excited for her to go spend some time in the regular pre-k class next Fall.
  • Emelia had land run day at school. It was quite an experience Friday morning getting her dressed like a pioneer woman and then getting her stick horse, lunch, blanket for the picnic, and wagon all ready to take to school.
  • Bailey is finished with track, and he is pretty happy about it. I am glad he stuck with it and he ended up enjoying long distance running as well as pole vaulting. He is so thin right now from so much running.
  • Amanda made a 109 on her biology test!


  • I’m not making chicken pockets this week … I am not tired of them, but I think everyone else is :o).
  • I ended up inventing a new recipe… you can read about it here.


I’m thankful for~

  • Izzy’s health & the rest of our family’s health!
  • Izzy’s teachers and therapists & bear & heath.
  • My parents who are always there for me and have shown me unconditional love my entire life.
  • My friends who listen to me ramble and love me anyway.
  • My blogfriends who are quick to offer encouragement and teach me new things everyday!
  • A God who loves me and forgives me.
  • You~ for taking time to read this :o).

Thanks Judi for hosting weekend reflections.

Favorite Ingredient Friday~taco waffles?!?

Friday, April 27th, 2007

I am posting this recipe because I think I actually invented it! yea me!!! (I know my life could use a little more excitement, right?)… Anyway, I made double taco seasoned meat Wednesday when I had tacos, planning to use the remainder for the empanadas.
Yesterday at noon I wanted to have a leftover taco for lunch and did not have any taco shells left (family at them all), didn’t have any taco chips because I made guacamole and they all got eaten too, and used all my tortillas for Michelle’s taquitos I’ve been making and freezing for Matt’s lunch. So, after looking through the cabinets repeatedly I used a frozen waffle. I kid you not, it was delicious. So I made up the whole box of eggo waffles for dinner and made some beans seasoned and heated the taco meat. I put cheese, sour cream, and salsa over the top (and black olives). My family all loved this! I was excited to have another easy variation of tacos…

Taco Waffles

ground beef
taco seasoning
beans (optional seasoned with chili powder and cumin)
frozen waffles
cheddar cheese
sour cream

Toast the waffle, layer on beans, meat, cheese, and toppings… enjoy.

You should try it, you’ll like it :o)… and you should also head over to Overwhelmed with Joy to sign up and play FIF~

Random Questions~

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Karen posted some random questions and although I usually enjoy the friday’s feast, I decided to do these instead today… (great questions Karen!).

1. How is mothering, in reality, different from what you expected it to be?

I think it is about the same as I expected, I had been around children growing up (even though I was the baby), and had babysat quite a bit. I think the thing about motherhood that I did not expect was how much these little children are a part of me! Almost instantly they just have you, heart & soul. You will do anything for them, rejoice with their achievements as if they were your own, feel sorrow when they have setbacks or illnesses and wish that you could take their pain away. I always feel comforted that God created this in me and know that He feels this way about me too!

2. What is something you, as a kid, vowed you would never say to your own kids? Have you kept the vow?

Repeat after me, “I – FEEL – GOOD” My mom said this to me when she thought I was just pretending to be sick to miss school. I hated this :o) I have said this to my kids at one time or another.

3. If someone stopped in to your house for a surprise visit, would you be glad for the company, or self-conscious by the condition of your home? Why?

It would really depend on the visitor. I would probably want a little notice on some days! The days Izzy doesn’t go to school we stay in our pj’s until time for therapy or appointments for the day or whatever! It’s nice that my front room (now Izzy’s therapy room) is always clean and ready to receive visitors… Our family room is in the back of the house and it is the room that probably could always use a pick up. I read a quote the other day I loved… “Picking up for kids while their still growing is like shoveling snow while it’s still snowing!” Love that!

4. Describe your ideal date with your husband.

Probably just a really relaxing evening somewhere, we really don’t get much time alone especially away… but a nice restaurant and then a good long talk.

5. If you were sitting face to face with God and could ask Him any question, what would it be?

Oh, there would be so many~ Most of them I probably know the answers to. I would ask anyway, because I’m human… “Why are there so many sick children?” “Why do good people seem to have such bad things happen to them?”

Friday Favorites~

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Amberly has started this new meme, Friday Favorites where you post about anything that is your favorite ~ on Friday. What fun right?

Today I am going to post my favorite shampoo/conditioner. I love biolage, it makes my hair feel good and I love the way it smells. Last week I bought a new package of both and it had a bonus body lotion in the box. The lotion smells just like the shampoo, which I love! Anyway, it is my favorite!

These meme’s are just another way to learn new things about each other and find some good ideas in the process. You should go over to Amberly’s blog and play along!

A purse tag~

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

I was tagged by Kim (Kim’s Candor) and Jenna (A Joyful Journey) for this “show your purse” meme. I just took a quick shot of my purse as is… it’s too small and I am in the market for a bigger one right now. Just switched from an enormous purse that was great but just too big… I think I was so tired of the big one I went too small. Anyway, it has to have an outer pocket for my phone… room inside for my wallet, cosmetic bag, calender, hand gel(!), manicure kit, matt’s checkbook, and other random little things. I like it to have an inside pocket too for lipgloss and small things.
Anyway, I’m not ‘lovin’ this purse, but it is what it is today.

Yes I know it looks really messy inside, it is just too small!

Oh, my friend Dawn (a fellow parent of a near drowning child) mailed me a goodie package today, all the way from Grand Junction, Colorado!
Here is a pic of Izzy’s wrist with the little bracelet Dawn made for her. Isn’t it sweet?

If anyone out there is willing to show me your bag, let me know so I can come see! Carrie, you should show off your bag you have mentioned loving a few times :o).

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In my boiling pot~

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

So I was over at Karen’s blog (Irritable Mother)… if you haven’t visited Karen, you wouldn’t know that she is also an author and motivational speaker for mothers. Anyway, I was watching one of the videos on this page, and although I have heard this analogy several times in my life it has really been on my mind. She talks about a silversmith, boiling the silver to bring out the impurities.

The closer I walk with God, the more impurities I am seeing in myself. It isn’t an easy journey. The self-realization aspect alone is nothing short of frightening. I really have to trust God and know that He is my heavenly Father, that He will not hurt me if I let myself be completely vulnerable. You know those times in youth group or in movies where you are told to fall back into someone’s arms? It is that on such a bigger scale.

We have been in a place of limbo for a while. Mainly in our church situation. I’ve talked about this before, we love the church family at Choctaw, but desire more in the teaching area. We have looked to other places for our meals that feed our faith. These meals have done nothing short of filling us up and for that we are so thankful. I grew up where obedience meant following the rules, it was about the rules. I am finding through my personal journey that rules are important, but that God wants me to live a holy life. Set apart. If I live a holy life, rules are a mute point. The rules are a result of the right life.

My husband (bless his heart) is a fan of the “wives submit yourselves to your husband” scripture… oh and he also loves the “wives should not deprive… I Cor 7:5.” But that is another story :o). Anyway, my point is that if you love your husband, really love him and he loves you like Christ loved the church, you would submit to him without thought. I think the same is true with God. If I love God, know Him through His word, let Him work in my life, my life will become a holy life, set apart.

So I keep having imperfections revealed to me, almost daily … I am really praying about these things. I really feel like the world has it’s hooks in me and I’m trying to break loose. Do you have these feelings? Do you feel like the world is pulling you away from living right?

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Wordless Wednesday~

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

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This & That

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

I am posting a couple more pics I took of the kids Sunday, it was an interesting photo session… We all went to church Sunday, on the way home mom called to suggest I invited dad for lunch because she was out of town sitting with her elderly father. I did. I asked Matt during church what he wanted for lunch while kicking myself for not putting something in the crockpot before leaving home. I was hoping he would say, “subway,” but he said “steak.” I ran by our local grocery store and just didn’t see any steak that looked good… so I bought cubed steak with plans of chicken fried steak which is Matt’s absolute favorite meal and I never cook it because I don’t like it at all! So I brought it in, prepared it, had it cooking… had potatoes mashing… had biscuits baking, broccoli steaming etc. The kids informed me during my cooking rush that they were taking off their church clothes to which I said, “WAIT! I’ve got to take pictures!” Dad walked up right about the time we walked outside to snap some pics (ready for lunch! :0) ) … So, it is amazing that any of these pictures are even decent considering I was really rushing, everyone was hungry etc. The biscuits got a little browner than I prefer, but all in all it was a crowd pleaser.

Today was Izzy’s IEP at school. I have said before that these are never fun, but I am so blessed with this group of people. They all love Izzy so much it is amazing. I think I also already said they are going to take Iz to the regular Pre-K class for a little while each day. Today the pre-k teacher came down to meet me and then we took Izzy to her class to check it out. I told her this was where the big girls go to school. I am excited for her. They did set good goals for Iz for the next school year although my goals are much (much much ) higher. I am just really thankful to be where we are and know for sure God is lighting the path that we follow.

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Menu Plan Monday ~ April 23, 2007

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

Chicken Pockets (again)

Penne Pasta with artichoke hearts, sun dried tom & greek olives
garlic bread

spanish rice
refried beans
Spaghetti & Meatballs in the crockpot
green beans & new potatoes
garlic toast


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