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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Have I mentioned that I love Valentine’s Day? I think it is my favorite holiday… I love pink & red, hearts, it is just so sweet. I like the cute little valentine cards the kids exchange. I like that husbands are out scrambling for something to make their wives smile. I love that it is a day just for telling people you love, “I love you.” So sweet… Anyway, happy happy Valentine’s Day! I hope that someone special tells you they love you, in words, in a card, or a special little gift.

My favorite Valentine’s Day was years ago when Amanda was a baby. Matt worked nights and had rented a helium tank. While I slept, he filled enough balloons to cover the ceiling in our living room. I woke up and was amazed at the sweet gesture and all the time he took to do it. He said he wanted me to only see the balloons when I woke up… I did! Amanda loved it and pointed to the ceiling all day.

My least favorite Valentine’s Day was right after Bailey was born. He was born on Feb. 7, so it was only a week after his birth. I was breastfeeding, tired, had mommy blues… and a breast infection. I remember pumping my milk to try to alleviate the pain and thinking, “Happy Valentine’s Day to me!”

Oh well, looking back they were all good days!